April 7, 2009

this and that...

working during the week, cooking on weekends. work is the same, which is good.

made homemade scalloped potatoes that came out yummy. of course the gf won't eat any potatoes that aren't scalloped out of a box. making homemade stuffed peppers again within the next two days. yum.

max is still kicking. has a tumor now on his right jaw. dude just keeps going like the energizer bunny. he's fighting microplasmosis and cancer. once or twice a week he falls asleep in bed with me. last time we slept for four hours straight. was nice. he gets whatever he wants to eat now.

October 18, 2007

New Adopted Rat Pups...

Dsc 1587
Name: Bang On

Dsc 1588

Name: Airlocked

July 18, 2007

Max 7/18/2007


He's taking a bath. :)

June 8, 2007

My new rat... Max


He's great. Very sweet boy.