November 28, 2006

It has a cool factor. The software and plugin link into iTunes or Winamp, or both if you so choose. Check it out. Something to play with when you are bored stiff. *chuckles*

Here is my page.

September 27, 2006

Band Advert... Just Cause...

Great news!!!

Consumer Feedback has stickers. You've probably recieved some if you live in the NYC area. Also. The White Plains show has been rescheduled to October 14th. (saturday). I'll send out the info and flyers soon. Consumer Feedback will be playing with our friends Baby Battleship and fiasco at Don Hills on October 21st (saturday) Flyers and Info at This is a really important show for all three bands, and we are looking to get a large amount of people, so please dont make plans. Write it on your calender. Thanks guys - CF

September 17, 2006

Consumer Feedback

So, the info for the show on wednesday is here:
Sept. 20th
7:30 BUT GET THERE at 7:00
8 bucks and all ages

You take the G to nassau, and then walk a couple blocks on manhattan ave. to meserole ave. Not just 1. Also go in the direction that bedford avenue (the next street that crosses manhattan ave) is in, not the other way. If you see a st. called driggs in front of you, you're going the wrong way.

July 6, 2005

Oooo Oooo Ahhh Ahhh...

The day started off with the Comcast tech showing up, and replacing our modem with a loner till we buy a new one. We picked up a new one at Best Buy, so he will come by tomorrow and install it. Not that we need him to, but he has to pick up his modem anyway. While at Best buy I picked up two CDs of "Breaking Benjamin". Albums are "Saturate" & "We Are Not Alone". I also went to the dentist today for a checkup & cleaning with x-rays. I had not seen a dentist since 1999. In 1999 I had a facial cavity. They could not fill it then. Today the cavity is a bit bigger. Big enough to fill now. Not bad that I only had that one since 1999. The dentist said to keep up the good work, and caring about my teeth enough to brush and floss every day - multiple times a day. I go back at the end of this month to have the filling completed (gives a big healthy smile). Now off to catch up on my Administrative work that has piled up.

June 21, 2005

Music, and Work

Working working... Listening to music... I had to write an abuse complaint to an ISP today. This particular person keeps coming back disrupting rooms, and harassing users. I just don't understand why someone would spend any amount of their time doing this. It's like 'they' have nothing better to do with their time. A suggestion for those of you who feel you NEED to do this. Go take a walk outside or something. Get a hobby. Read a book. IMHO... Harassing users at a chat site saying how lame they are makes you a huge hypocrite.

Going to grab "Cursed" to watch, IF it's in at BlockBuster Video. BlockBuster now allows you to keep your rental for a full week now. However, there are still the people that keep the movies past the 7 days that wind up getting charged a late fee. These people are bold enough to think they shouldn't have to pay the late fee - and stand there wasting everyones time arguing with the clerk(s)? You deserve to get charged! Being so unthoughtful of others as to keep a movie for over 7 days.

On the way back from errands we stopped and purchased two glasses of lemonade that the kids here were selling. It was worth it for the kids. However, the lemonade *coughs* needs a bit of work. We spent $1 for two glasses.

Music Albums Listened To:
Death From Above 1979 - You're A Woman, I'm A Machine
Tool - Aenima
Tool - Undertow
Rage Against The Machine - Evil Empire

More Family Stuff:
I called my Father yesterday, and he seems to be doing quite well. He was working in the yard when I called. And I heard everyone there yell for him. Hahaha. For fourth of July weekend he is heading up to his parents (my Grandparents) to install a new tile floor for their kitchen. Should be relatively easy for him since he's done it before. My father is a machinist. He actually showed me the big computer machines he works with on a daily basis punching in schematics, and making parts for construction companies and such. It's neat.

April 11, 2005


I saw videos today for the Misfits. I found most of these on the net. They were; American Psycho, Die Die My Darling, Horror Business, and Scream. *chuckles* They are quite entertaining to watch.

January 19, 2005

Best dance/trance/rave/etc ... You get the F'ing POINT, station on the net. You can hook this up with iTunes, or winamp. Enjoy.

DOOPZ!!!! DOOPY!!!! *hoogs* Shouts to FNET, #lesbian. *huge smile*

I listen to this periodically. Oy, it makes me want to get up and dance. For you that do not listen to club related music, please refrain from listening. LOL Unless of course you ARE open minded.

January 9, 2005


Two A good album. I'm listening to them right now.

Killswitch Engage

Ok. I've listened to their current album "Killswitch Engage". At this point in my life it's a bit too 'hard' for me to listen to all the time. I use to love thrash, but at thirtytwo it's not going on my iPod. It will just be an intermittent listen when I'm in the mood for it. *shrugs*

January 8, 2005

My First GarageBand Creation

LOL ... Yeah, Yeah! I know, I shouldn't quit my day job. It's 30 seconds long.
I'm no DJ, and I was just screwing around in GarageBand. *shrugs* ahhhh.mp3

December 10, 2004

Best of Nick Cave & Everything But The Girl

I've been listening to these off and on most of the day while working.

The "Best of Nick Cave" is actually a pretty good album. The song "Red Right Hand", I swear I've heard it in a movie soundtrack before. It's so familiar.

"Everything But The Girl" is a long time favorite of mine. Every since the whole partying scene I got into in South Beach, FL. If you've ever been into a dance club in South Florida you've heard the song "Missing". It was especially popular in the gay and lesbian clubs. I had an old friend of mine call me out of the blue (a year or two back) and say to me, that every time he heard the song he thought of me. It was touching. The album I'm listening to now is "Walking Wounded". Listed as Alternative in iTunes. So far I like the album. It's quite soothing to me to listen to. Tracey Thorn's voice is just scrumptious to my ears. Oh, how I dream of her singing to me.

November 17, 2004

Ian Brown - Solarized

I heard Ian Brown for the first time ever last night. I listened to the "Solarized" album. So far I love two songs off of it. "Solarized" and "The Sweet Fantastic". They moved me, and I've found that I've repeated the songs over and over. *sighs*

August 28, 2004

Blues & Jazz

I added some Ella Fitzgerald & Etta James to my iPod today in preperation for my trip to Block Island this coming week. Going for a long weekend. Not looking forward to the motion sickness though, which I get on boats and airplanes. It's horrid.

April 24, 2004

Tori Amos Fans

For you Tori Amos Fans I am selling on ebay now my extra, NEW, In package CD of "Little Earthquakes". $2 for first bid, $5 reserve, and $3.50 for shipping. This is an affordable item, and has 6 days left on the auction. If you have any questions just email me.

February 26, 2004

iTunes Now Playing

I am playing with this little application for OS X called "Now Playing". You can find it on MACOSX Hints.

What it does, when run a long with iTunes, it will generate a .png file and upload it to your ftp server (.MAC account, or WebDAV). You can see this at the bottom of the page here. I thought it was kind of neat. And plan on using it when I listen to music with iTunes on my laptop.

October 16, 2003

iTunes for Windows is OUT!!!!!!!!

iTunes for pc/windows is out. Click the link below to check it out.

iTunes for Windows