April 23, 2007

3rd gen iPod battery replacement

After being frustrated with my 15gb iPod's battery life (only lasting an hour). I said lets purchase the battery replacement kit, which will give you longer use time. I'd like to note that in the process of replacing the battery I fixed a screen issue that I was having just by replacing the battery. My screen would periodically look like it had old film lines in it, and the contrast was bad.

Here are the photos. Taken without a flash. I didn't have enough good light, and the flash was creating too much of a reflection bleaching out the pictures.

open 3rd gen ipod with hard drive in the upper right, and the original battery lower right.

closeup of ipod 3rd gen without harddrive and original battery.

here it is with the new battery in it all hooked up

here it is after putting the harddrive back in

ipod put back together with new battery replacement... mmmmm... apple logo...

It is now charging.

September 19, 2006

New iPod Update With iTunes 7

I just have one issue so far; What is the point of having my screen light on (yet dimmed) when connected to my cable, connected to my computer? Anyone? Because... It's a pointless feature to me right now. Do I now have to worry about it burning my screen in, or out now? And what if I don't want it on?