June 20, 2007

A Safari Bug?

My pet rat Max jumped down off of my shoulder to my keyboard numeric key pad, and sat there with the keys depressed. Safari crashed wanting to send an error report.


April 23, 2007

3rd gen iPod battery replacement

After being frustrated with my 15gb iPod's battery life (only lasting an hour). I said lets purchase the battery replacement kit, which will give you longer use time. I'd like to note that in the process of replacing the battery I fixed a screen issue that I was having just by replacing the battery. My screen would periodically look like it had old film lines in it, and the contrast was bad.

Here are the photos. Taken without a flash. I didn't have enough good light, and the flash was creating too much of a reflection bleaching out the pictures.

open 3rd gen ipod with hard drive in the upper right, and the original battery lower right.

closeup of ipod 3rd gen without harddrive and original battery.

here it is with the new battery in it all hooked up

here it is after putting the harddrive back in

ipod put back together with new battery replacement... mmmmm... apple logo...

It is now charging.

September 27, 2006

More... Comcast Phishing Scam!

Please don 't fall for this. And do NOT go to any of the URLs linked in these emails. I have disabled clicking on all the URLs contained in the email. BTW, Comcast would NEVER send out a mass mail like this to it's customers.

Received: from ([])
by (sccrmxc16) with ESMTP
id <20060927170409s1600p24cee>; Wed, 27 Sep 2006 17:05:29 +0000
X-Originating-IP: []
Received: from danchu-tomioka ( [])
(authenticated bits=0)
by ( with ESMTP id k8RH47S2066089;
Thu, 28 Sep 2006 02:04:07 +0900 (JST)
Message-Id: <>
From: "Comcast"
Subject: Important Notice
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2006 10:04:08 -0700
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/html;
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit
X-Priority: 3
X-MSMail-Priority: Normal
X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 6.00.2600.0000
X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V6.00.2600.0000
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

"" ""

Dear Valued Comcast Customer,

As part of our security measures, we regularly screen activity within the Comcast Customer
account records system. We recently contacted you after noticing an issue on your account.
We requested information from you for the following reason:

Our system requires furthur account verification.

To continue and restore your account, please click the link below:

"" Please click here to continue.


Comcast Security Department"

September 19, 2006

New iPod Update With iTunes 7

I just have one issue so far; What is the point of having my screen light on (yet dimmed) when connected to my cable, connected to my computer? Anyone? Because... It's a pointless feature to me right now. Do I now have to worry about it burning my screen in, or out now? And what if I don't want it on?

June 20, 2006

Comcast Phishing Scam

Here is the source of the email scam below. Don't fall for it.

"Received: from ([])
by (rwcrmxc12) with ESMTP
id <20060620022250r1200hgvh7e>; Tue, 20 Jun 2006 02:22:51 +0000
X-Originating-IP: []
Received: from (localhost.localdomain [])
by (8.13.6/8.13.6) with ESMTP id k5K2Mrtp016923
for ; Tue, 20 Jun 2006 11:22:53 +0900
Received: (from www-data@localhost)
by (8.13.6/8.13.6/Submit) id k5K2MrbR016920;
Tue, 20 Jun 2006 11:22:53 +0900
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2006 11:22:53 +0900
Message-Id: <>
Subject: Comcast Service Dept.
From: ""
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/html
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit

It has come to our attention that your Comcast Verification details records are expired. This requires that you update your Comcast Profile records immidiatley.
Failure to update your records will turn out in account termination. Please update your records within 48 hours. Once you have updated your account records, your Comcast account will not be terminated and will continue as normal. Failure to update will result in Terms of Service violations, termination of service or future billing problems.

This is the URL kinked to the text following it....
Please click here to continue. "

May 30, 2006

My iBook Update...

It seems to be doing ok, so far. I'm going to run it tomorrow on battery alone to see if there are any further issues. I've done it once already, but want to do it again to make sure.


May 24, 2006

iBook - Apple Repair

Apple... *sighs and shakes my head*

Instead of me sending my laptop back in for yet another repair they are sending me a new battery. When I get that I'm suppose to send back my old one. They somehow think this is the fix. I hope they are right.


My iBook came back...

My New iBook G4 is screwed now...

May 23, 2006

My iBook came back...

I got my laptop back today from Apple Repair. I loathe getting a repaired laptop back from them now. It never goes right. Anyway... They fixed the laptop assembly battery (CMOS battery), but the laptop still dies when you unplug it from the power adaptor. It will not start up again unless it is plugged back in to the power adaptor. After startup it is now holding the date and time correctly, and remembering my network settings. BUT... It's still shutting off after you unplug it from the power adaptor. So, my assumption is that said laptop has an issue with the battery, and or charging board. The reason the laptop lasts as long as it does when you unplug it from power is that the new CMOS battery is trying to keep it up and running. This is why the CMOS battery was drained completely in the first place. Now on the phone with Apple Repair again. Wondering why they did not check to see if replacing the CMOS / laptop assembly battery fixed the issue.

Prior post...

May 21, 2006

MacSaber... Use the force!

Check it out... It turns your laptop into a light saber, or lap-saber.

May 18, 2006

My New iBook G4 is screwed now...

The issue started while I was away for vacation at Block Island. I would unplug the power cord, and in the middle of doing something it was just shut off. No warning. Just blackness. I plug it back in, boot up, and the date & my network settings are whiped. It does this whenever I unplug it from the power adaptor now.

- unplugging power adaptor shuts off laptop.
- after booting up my date & network settings are whiped.
a. date reset to December 1969 in iCal... And in my system bar it says it's reset to 2001, and I should change it.
b. network settings gone.

Time to call Apple. I just got this thing November 23, 2005.

This is the iBook G4 1.33GHz, 512k level 2 cache, 512MB of DDR SDRAM, 40GB Ultra ATA hard drive.

P.S. - Resetting the PRAM did not fix it.

Update: Now I wait for the delivery of my box to send back my laptop for repair.

April 23, 2006

I've been getting a rash of these lately...

Be warned...

February 27, 2006

Microsoft USB SP2 laptop battery drain...


*Mmmmm usb slurp slurp*

November 15, 2005

My iBook is back...

From Apple repair. New drive installed, and I'm disappointed that they didn't do what they said they were going to do. They installed Jaguar back on my iBook. When they specifically said that Tiger would be installed instead, since I already own it. They replaced the other drive with an IBM model.

I wiped and reinstalled Tiger OS. The new IBM drive is periodically making a HECK of a lot of noise (the same damn clicking the other drive made, except louder) through the install. The machine will not boot, and I'm getting the same issues I was having with the previous bad drive.

As I said before... Apple Repair is problematic.


1. Innitial repair... It was sent in to have the power managment replaced/fixed. It was dead as a door nail. No boot. $300+ repair cost for that. Fine.

2. I get it back... Missing my battery, and a huge scratch on the inside of the bottom of the laptop case. It goes back in for repair to replace the bottom of the case, and for a new battery.

3. I get it back again... Apple replaced my working drive (the Toshiba) when last sent in when it didn't need to be replaced. The rapair? Replace the bottom of the case they badly scratched. That was it, but somehow my good hard drive gets replaced.

4. I send it back in to have this lemon (Toshiba) drive replaced. I get it back today.. What do I get? Another lemon drive (IBM) this time. Doing the same thing the previous lemon drive did. Here is the sound it makes. Yummy, aye? OS will not boot.

Apple Tech classifies my laptop as a looper. A looper? It is Apple Tech's unofficial term for a machine that constantly comes back in for repairs. The fault of Apple Repair, really. I kept getting botched repairs. That being said... Now waiting on papers to come in the mail to sign/fill out for an exchange. They are sending me (supposedly) a new laptop after I send this bad lemon back. This total process is going to take like three weeks. I just hope the time is shorter, because I miss my iBook.

Edit: Will give updates as this progresses.

November 9, 2005

iBook 800MHz is going back again...

This time to replace the hard drive they already replaced before. Buying an Apple product is nice. Don't get me wrong. The products are tastey, but getting things repaired through Apple's Repair service is damn frustrating - If not constantly problematic. I'll post an update when I get it back.

Edit: My iBook went out to Apple today 11.11.2005.

iBook, 800MHz Yet again...

Well, I believe they are classifying my laptop as a looper (a laptop that keeps coming back for repair). They want me to reformat, and reinstall the OS to see if I still keep having the disk errors. Not sure what apple is planning on doing when, and if this fails. We'll see.

November 8, 2005

Aww Hell!

Not even 90 days after my last repair, and now my hard drive on my iBook is failing. I've been trying for the most part to drag over to external disk my important stuff. My home directory, and such. It's slow and painful.

And since I'm now in pain... Here is something painfully funny.

October 19, 2005

My OS X Desktop...

MyDesktopOSX101905.png My new Bryce design looks good on my OS X iBook... Mmmm... I love blue...

September 14, 2005

My iBook...

It went back today to Apple for repairs. Now I wait.

September 12, 2005


My laptop is dead. I think it's the charging/power board/unit. It will not boot, or even chime. Like my girly would say after getting her meds... "Ratzo Fratzo! Ratzo Fratzo!"

I'll have to drop it off at Mac Outfitters today or tomorrow. *sighs*

Update: We decided it would take less time and money to just send it in to Apple for repairs. I get the box for shipping it tomorrow. Estimation for price is $318. Gave strict orders to fix anything under $350, and to call if it was over. Oh well.

Update 2: And of course the REALLY sad thing is all my B.I. pictures are on the hard drive. *sobs*

August 18, 2005

Mmmmkay, Another OSX Security Update?

"Security Update 2005-007 delivers a number of security enhancements and is recommended for all Macintosh users.

Security Update 2005-007 v1.1 replaces Security Update 2005-007 v1.0 for Tiger systems Mac OS X v10.4.2. Users who have already installed v1.0 on Tiger systems should install v1.1.

Security Update 2005-007 v1.1 provides a combined 32- and 64-bit version of LibSystem to replace the 32-bit version that was delivered in v1.0. No other changes have been made in version 1.1.

This update includes the following components:

Directory Services
Security Interface

For detailed information on this Update, please visit this website:"

August 16, 2005

OS X, Security Update

"Security Update 2005-007 delivers a number of security enhancements and is recommended for all Macintosh users. This update includes the following components:

Directory Services
Security Interface

For detailed information on this Update, please visit this website:"

July 31, 2005

OS X: Updates

GarageBand 2.0.2 addresses issues with time signature handling, Apple Loops authoring, locking tracks, and improves compatibility with Mac OS X Tiger.

iPhoto 5.0.4 addresses an issue with browsing photos that have been auto-rotated by a camera.

July 30, 2005

Apple iPod Headphones

Apple iPod headphones dangling in a glass of diet root beer all night long...

Then rinsed with water... Let dry...

Headphones still work...



July 29, 2005

I found this reading some Spymac blogs. This is a good reason to not have an account at They filter your content. This is from one of their moderators, I believe. I've found no other blog tracking site that edits your content. Has anyone else experienced this anywhere else?

"Received from:
Your Blog
Received at:
07-28-2005 07:35 PM
I just had to edit the title of your latest blog entry. Please do not use profanity in blog titles as they do show up in the blog tracker. If you use profanity again, in a public fashion, you could have your account suspended.


July 27, 2005

From SANS... hmmm...

--Known Spammer Found Dead in Moscow
(26 July 2005)
Vardan Kushnir, a man known to be a spammer, was found beaten to death
in his Moscow apartment. No motive for his murder has been established
and it is not known if it is related to his spamming activities, though
Mr. Kushnir has been the target of revenge attacks in the past.,39025001,39150764,00.htm

July 4, 2005

4th Of July...

What am I doing right now... I'm patching an XP2 system, Updating software (ie: Firefox, Thunderbird, iTunes, Spyware Blaster, Spybot S&D, etc.) And While doing that I'm listening to 2600: The Hacker Quarterly. Fireworks? Who needs fireworks when one has Estes Model Rockets?

Note for Kim.... The D engine rocket I have only goes up to 200 FT or so. Has to do with the weight of the rocket, and design. *nods* So, I could shoot it off at home. ;)

June 29, 2005

Modem Resets... Comcast Cable

Date(s) - # Of Modem Resets & Modem Shutting Down
(Not counting what's been happening over the past two weeks)
6/28/2005 - 3
6/29/2005 - 1
6/30/2005 - 1, but the throughput is horrible. I feel like I'm on a modem. The Comcast Escalated Tech is suppose to be here around 5 p.m. or 6 p.m. *sighs* Update: The higher level tech was here did some testing, and said that there is an issue with our line. He thinks it's outside of the house with their equipment. Hmmm... I hope this gets fixed soon. Next tech due out is tomorrow, but we don't need to be here.
7/1/2005 - 3, I'm hoping this will be fixed by the time we get back. *sighs*
7/2 - 7/4 - Away for July 4th weekend. I posted from the in-laws.
7/5/2005 - 13, And the tech that was suppose to come out while we were gone has not come out yet. Called Comcast and there is another tech coming out again tomorrow morning.
7/6/2005 - No service, and the tech is late. Was suppose to be here at 9 a.m. It's 9:46 a.m. right now, and we have not received a call from Comcast. (Their policy is that they call before showing up at your door.) They showed up finally, and tested further, then just replaced our modem with one of theirs (temporary). We will be going out today to buy another modem.

Can anyone say... Shitty Service?

Note: Speeds are below ISDN speeds to modem speeds. Most of the time there is no bandwidth at all.

June 28, 2005

Comcast Cable Issues...

So, the tech came out again to check further to see what our bandwidth issue is. He said that he has called for a Senior Technician to come out to test our connection further, which will include hooking our modem up to his laptop and testing it. Then taking our modem and driving up the street to a different point (node or address), and testing the modem and speeds there. This will tell us where the issue is hopefully. Yeah riiiight... Today the modem has gone out and reset 3 times after the technician left. This is truly annoying.

OS X Update...

With iTunes 4.9, you can now browse and subscribe to podcasts from within the iTunes Music Store. Podcasts are frequently updated radio-style shows downloadable over the Internet. You can also transfer podcasts to iPod, for listening on the go.


iPod software update 2005-06-26 delivers iPod Software 1.2 for iPod with color display, iPod mini Software 1.4 for iPod mini and iPod Software 3.1 for iPod with Click Wheel
Integration with iTunes 4.9 for downloading and listening to podcasts

June 23, 2005

They are having issues today...

"Warning: mysql_select_db(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL-Link resource in /root/DGhosting/classes/ on line 49

Warning: mysql_query(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL-Link resource in /root/DGhosting/classes/ on line 50
Can't create a new thread (errno 11). If you are not out of available memory, you can consult the manual for a possible OS-dependent bug"

June 17, 2005

Comcast... Troubles...

The tech showed up from Comcast Cable. Replacing all the cable, and put in new splitters in the basement. This increased the modems signal, but didn't really fix our bandwidth issue. Let's just say it's a little higher than the shitty speeds we have been getting over the past couple of days, but it's still not what we are paying for. Changing in and out the router and modem also did not fix the bandwidth issue.

Oh, and my domains are down till I can update the DNS to the new cable IP.

Update: DNS, all fixed for now.

June 15, 2005

Our Cable Modem... And Arrow

So, we call Comcast Cable today to put in a tech call for our network here. We think the modem is dying or Comcast has some other network issue in our area that they are not admitting to. Seeing as the modem is sitting here in Ranging mode - I think it's the modem. It's well over two years old now, maybe three. The tech will not be here till Friday morning to debug any issues. It's back up for now.

Oh well. No work for me for the rest of the day. Time to work on finishing my DVD videos, listening to music, and reading. Maybe work on a new design.

Arrow last night late was playing with a ping pong ball in the bathtub. Yep! That's right! A ping pong ball in the bathtub. Just use the bathtub stopper to plug it up and let the ball rip. He was entertained for a VERY long time. And right now I hear the ping pong ball swirling around the tub as I type. Hahaha! It's equivalent to watching a good game of footy.

June 13, 2005

XP, Piece of Crap

Ok. So after buying a DVD burner for my PC (XP) system I find out the XP can not handle file sizes over 4GB in size. I'm guessing this has to do with XP and the FAT32 files system only seeing partition sizes smaller than 4GB, or is this a virtual memory cap? Guess I'll be purchasing an external case and using my iBOOK to burn DVDs.

June 12, 2005

I Feel Like Crap...

Yeah, my nasty little Aunt came to visit. How I hate her. My friend Pamprin should be kicking in sometime soon.

On another note... I got my Memorex Dual Layer 16x DVD-R burner installed. And I've burned a test data DVD. Came out just fine. I'm happy with it so far.

June 8, 2005

Security Update 2005-006

Security Update 2005-006 delivers a number of security enhancements and is recommended for all Macintosh users.  This update includes the following components:
AFP Server, Bluetooth, CoreGraphics, Folder Permissions, launchd, LaunchServices, NFS, PHP, VPN
For detailed information on this Update, please visit this website:

My OS X Desktop

This is my current desktop on my iBook. View image

May 16, 2005

OS X 10.4.1 Update...

The 10.4.1 Update delivers overall improved reliability for Mac OS X v10.4 and is recommended for all users. It includes improvements for:
• file sharing using AFP and SMB/CIFS network file services
• using DHCP in wireless networks
• user login when accessing LDAP and Active Directory servers
• core graphics including updated ATI and NVIDIA graphics drivers
• synchronization with .Mac
• Address Book, iCal, Font Book, Mail, and Preview applications
• Dashboard widgets: Address Book, Flight Tracker, Phone Book, and World Clock
• creating and burning disk images using Disk Utility
• compatibility with third party applications and devices
For detailed information on this Update, please visit this website:

May 4, 2005

Tiger Printing Woes?

Tiger Won?t Print To Shared XP Printer.

The error? ?Connection failed with error - NT_STATUS_NO_MEMORY?

Then? says? ?Unable to connect to SAMBA host, will retry in 60 seconds?ERROR: Connection failed with error?

I even reset my printer and readded it... Grrrr! Could the errors be more unhelpful? I mean, I'm always looking to be MORE frustrated when working on printing errors.

Update: Apparently my printing issue was with my old Key Chain access from Panther. I deleted the key chain for smb, then restarted, then re-added my printer. It works now. For some reason OS X will still cache any bad connection data even though you delete these keychains. So, make sure you reboot after you remove the smb keychains.

April 28, 2005

Updating Some Software On OS X?

Fink and FinkCommander

?The Fink project wants to bring the full world of Unix Open Source software to Darwin and Mac OS X. We modify Unix software so that it compiles and runs on Mac OS X ("port" it) and make it available for download as a coherent distribution. Fink uses Debian tools like dpkg and apt-get to provide powerful binary package management. You can choose whether you want to download precompiled binary packages or build everything from source.?

Concerning Flash Web Design?

A friendly suggestion to all Flash web designers out there. If you are going to use a Flash introduction, or design a complete Flash site, then you must also put an HTML equivalent. After loading it for the god awful millionth time ? I am sick of seeing and hearing it. I just want the information that I came for. Nothing more. Not to mention the load time in a browser is slower than just straight HTML (or PHP). Please? sighs

April 22, 2005

OS X Java Update...

This update will correct issues affecting some Java users following the installation of Mac OS X v10.3.9 Software Update.

For detailed information on this Update, please visit this website:

April 20, 2005

OS X Update...

Security Update 2005-004 delivers a number of security enhancements and is recommended for all Macintosh users. This update includes the following components:


For detailed information on this Update, please visit this website:

April 18, 2005

NAV Defs Issue & Error

After trying to use Live Update to update my defs, and it failing. (The error: ?microdefs error?) I tried to manually update it through Live Update app. Received the same error. So, I went and ftp?d to Symantec and downloaded the installer. I installed the latest virus defs that way. Not sure why there is an issue downloading from Live Update.

Adobe and Macromedia

Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq: ADBE) has announced a definitive agreement to acquire Macromedia (Nasdaq: MACR) in an all-stock transaction valued at approximately $3.4 billion. Under the terms of the agreement, which has been approved by both boards of directors, Macromedia stockholders will receive, at a fixed exchange ratio, 0.69 shares of Adobe common stock for every share of Macromedia common stock in a tax-free exchange. Based on Adobe?s and Macromedia?s closing prices on Friday April 15, 2005, this represents a price of $41.86 per share of Macromedia common stock.

Full Announcement HERE at Adobe.

April 16, 2005


The 10.3.9 Update delivers overall improved compatibility and reliability for Mac OS X v10.3 "Panther" and is recommended for all users.

Improvements include:
? file sharing and directory services reliability for mixed Mac and PC networks
? Mail, Safari and Stickies application reliability
? compatibility for third party applications and devices
? previous standalone security updates

For detailed information on this Update, please visit this website:
For detailed information on Security Updates, please visit this website:

Oh! I wanted to say... Make sure you ALWAYS run fix disk permissions after installing updates. Otherwise you will encounter nasty little gremlins in your machine. Eventually. With OS X it's good to keep it clean.

April 15, 2005

OS X Updates...

? Audio in PAL widescreen ? Sharing (exporting) HDV to videocamera tape ? Synchronizing with HDV 720p content ? Importing video from a DV videocamera when using analog passthrough or recording live video ? Compatibility with some analog-to-digital converter boxes ? Capturing video with Hi-8 (Digital 8) devices ? Placing titles over DV content ? Playing iPhoto slideshows that include protected content ? Opening iMovie 4 projects that use speed-adjusted clips.

This update is recommended for all users.

You must have iMovie HD 5.0 or iMovie HD 5.0.1 installed in its original location to update to iMovie 5.0.2.

For more information on iMovie HD, please visit this website:
iSight is a state-of-the-art video camera that's the easiest way to video conference with your colleagues, friends and family over broadband.

The iSight 1.0.3 update improves the iSight's audio performance. This update is recommended for iSight users running Mac OS X 10.3.7 and later.

For information about iSight, visit the Apple website at For iSight support information, visit

April 11, 2005


I started a backup of my C drive with my OS included latest patches. That way I can put it all back when I need to after system mucks. It?s been the second time recently that I?ve had to put everything back that was there. Takes time. I would rather just install the OS, then restore from my back. Might save me some time in the end. I hope.

April 6, 2005

R.I.P. - P90F?

P90F - ViewSonic Monitor - Professional Series (My ass!). I so fucking hate this monitor model. I have to switch this out for a 15 inch Dell monitor tomorrow. But before I do that... I'm going to hook the cow up straight to my pc without the switch. If it's dead then... then it's dead.

I officially say, "ViewSonic Sucks!". This is now the fourth time the monitor has had problems. And you know what? This IS A WASTE OF MY TIME. I'm tired of paying money to ship this crappy monitor back. I'm not even going to take a ViewSonic monitor as a gift any longer. So, don't bother offering it to me. If you do, and it is in my hands, I will set fire to it promply.

Yes, I'm pissed. It's been a waste of money and time.

Update: I turn my switch to my iBook for the monitor, and plug it in to my iBook. I sit watching the monitor do this blink-blink thing. It comes on. I freak in surprise. Hmmm? I think. Ok. I switch it back to my PC. The monitor does this freaky blinking, but comes on. I think this monitor is on its last legs. I?m going to leave it on for a bit and see what happens after it warms up again. I?m hoping that this is just a sign of it dying, and I can finagle the switch thing to reset it with my iBook. It could be from it being off all night long, and being cool. It could be that my switch caught some bad signal from the pc.

March 29, 2005


I'm going to run out and get a new 80GB hard drive. I think my main C drive is just too old. After I stick in the new hard drive, and install my OS. I'm going to find out if the issues of my operating system being slow go away. It's either the drive, or my motherboard has bus issues. I'm hoping it's just the hard drive. Paying for a new motherboard is going to hurt.

Update: I installed the new 80GB drive, and installed windows. This was amazing, because it was fast. Windows is installed and updated already, and now I'm just reinstalling my applications that I use. My reboots are down to 1/4 of the time that it took me before. Fast as hell.

7:22:42 reboot started
7:23:57 at login screen


March 24, 2005

NASA World Wind

So, I'm sitting here entertaining myself. Playing around in NASA's World Wind Program. It's a really neat program. It will keep you entertained for quite a while. A worthy download. Loaded full of information, and animation.

March 22, 2005

OS X Security Update 2005-003

TITLE: Mac OS X Security Update Fixes Multiple Vulnerabilities



Highly critical

Security Bypass, Spoofing, Exposure of sensitive information,
Privilege escalation, DoS, System access

From remote

Apple Macintosh OS X

Apple has issued a security update for Mac OS X, which fixes various

1) A signedness error in AFP Server can be exploited to crash the
application via a specially crafted FPLoginExt packet.

2) An access control error in AFP Server can be exploited to gain
knowledge of the contents of a Drop Box.

3) An error in Bluetooth Setup Assistant can be exploited to bypass
security restrictions when using a Bluetooth input device.

4) A boundary error in the Core Foundation library when handling the
CF_CHARSET_PATH environment variables can be exploited to cause a
buffer overflow.

Successful exploitation allows malicious, local users to execute
arbitrary code with escalated privileges.

5) Multiple vulnerabilities in Cyrus IMAP Server can be exploited by
malicious people to compromise a vulnerable system.

For more information:

6) Some vulnerabilities in Cyrus SASL can be exploited to crash or
potentially compromise applications linked against the library.

For more information:

7) Insecure permissions on various directories may result in race
conditions and allow local privilege escalation.

8) A vulnerability in Mailman can be exploited by malicious people to
disclose sensitive information.

For more information:

9) A security issue in Safari can be exploited by a malicious web
site to spoof the URL displayed in the address bar, SSL certificate,
and status bar.

For more information:

Apply Security Update 2005-003.

Security Update 2005-003 (Client) 1.0:

Security Update 2005-003 (Server) 1.0:

1) nemo
2) John M. Glenn
4) iDEFENSE and Adriano Lima
7) Eric Hall, Michael Haller, and root[at]


March 14, 2005

Microsoft Dropping Services

After May 31, 2005, customers will no longer access MSN service by using the MSN for Mac OS X Internet Software. Instead of accessing MSN services using the MSN for Mac OS X internet software, customers will access MSN services and features with their preferred browser and by setting up a My MSN page as a portal to their favorite online destinations.

March 13, 2005

My Mod'ed XP Interface

OS X rules! Here it is.


The login screen even matches that of my OS X iBook. It looks pretty rad.

February 23, 2005

OS X Security Update 2005-002

Security Update 2005-002 delivers a number of security enhancements and is recommended for all Macintosh users. This update includes the following components:

Java Web Start
Core Java classes

For detailed information on this Update, please visit this website:

Windows SP2 Update

Update for Windows XP (KB887742) Typical download size: 325 KB, less than 1 minute This update addresses an issue that could cause your system to stop responding if certain firewall or antivirus programs are installed. You can help resolve this issue by installing this HTTP.sys update from Microsoft. After you install this item, you may have to restart your computer. Details...

February 17, 2005

W32.Bropia.M Is Out

W32.Bropia.M - Make sure you update your virus defs. This nasty bugger spreads through MSN Messenger.

February 16, 2005

Hacking Napster?! I think not!

Look this isn't a hack. Only wanna be hackers would say this is a hack. Please read Napsters explanation before you go spouting it's a hack. That way YOU don't look like an idiot.

Napster - Click on "A Note From Napsters CTO". In the upper right hand corner of the page.

It has come to our attention that there are a number of inaccurate statements posted by various sources on the Internet regarding the security of Napster and Napster To Go. As Napster's CTO, I would like to officially state that neither Napster To Go, Napster, nor Windows Media DRM have been hacked. In the interest of providing the most accurate information to consumers, the following is some background on the subject.

There is a program that allows a user to record the playback of tracks directly from the computer's sound card. This process can be likened to the way people used to record songs from the radio onto cassette tapes, but instead of capturing the music on a tape, the file is converted into a new, unprotected digital format. This program does not break the encryption of the files, which can only be recorded one at a time making the process quite laborious. It would take 10 hours to convert 10 hours of music in this manner. It is important to note that this program is not specific to Napster; files from all legal subscription and pay-per-download services can be copied in this way.

We hope that the information provided above clarifies the matter and puts questions regarding the security of Napster and Napster To Go to rest. Napster's mission is to provide consumers with a legal environment in which they can experience and discover the world's largest collection of digital music. We believe that artists should be compensated for their work and intellectual property rights should be respected. While we acknowledge there are always going to be those who do not share our belief, we remain committed to providing the most enjoyable and flexible digital music experience for those who do.

IE beta 7 & MSN Messenger

-- Microsoft Releases IE 7.0 Beta Designed for Security(15 February 2005) Mike Nash, corporate vice president of Microsoft's Security Business & Technology Unit, discusses the security enhancements in the version of Internet Explorer and then announces the beta of IE 7.0, a browser designed for safer browsing.


--MSN Messenger Exploit Published; Microsoft Makes Updates Mandatory
(11/9 February 2005)
Code for exploiting a libpng vulnerability in MSN Messenger has been
published on the Internet. Several examples of the code have been
discovered, along with directions on how it can be used to cause MSN
Messenger to crash or to run code remotely. Microsoft released a patch
(MS05-009) for the critical vulnerability on Tuesday, 8 February and
recommends that customers download and apply it as soon as possible. On
Friday, 11 February, Microsoft began restricting MSN Messenger service
to those with updated versions: MSN Messenger 6.2.0205 or the beta of
MSN Messenger 7.0.
Microsoft's link:
[Editor's Note (Tan): This is a good move by Microsoft to force those
clueless users to upgrade. It will be better if Microsoft could take a
further step by working with Internet service providers to ensure users'
systems are forced to patch with this approach.]

February 11, 2005

Computer Forensics ISOs

I downloaded the latest ISOs for PLAC 2.9.5, F.I.R.E 0.4a, and Knoppix 3.7 to play with. Geek stuff can be fun.

*wiggles eyebrows*

February 10, 2005


New Program Attacks Microsoft's AntiSpyware

A new malware program, BankAsh-A, is already on the loose, according to
security firm Sophos PLC. It tries to disable Microsoft AntiSpyware
software and delete all files within that program's folder.,4902,99666,00.html?nlid=SEC2

February 9, 2005


The 10.3.8 Update delivers improved compatibility and reliability for Mac OS X v10.3 "Panther" and is recommended for all users.

Key updates include:
? improved OpenGL technology and updated ATI and NVIDIA graphics drivers
? improved file sharing and directory services for mixed Mac and PC networks
? improved compatibility for third party applications and devices
? previous standalone security updates

For detailed information on this Update, please visit this website:
For detailed information on Security Updates, please visit this website:

Update: The update went "Ok", I think. No weird things happening yet.


Microsoft Announces Sixteen New Security Flaws; Eight Critical (8 February 2005) Microsoft Corp. released a dozen software patches to cover 16 security flaws -- half of which it deemed "critical" -- in all versions of the Windows operating system and a broad range of popular Microsoft applications such as its Internet chat and media player products.

February 8, 2005

MSN Messenger

What the heck is up with this service?! It's been going down a lot lately. SuX0rs!

I'm on EFnet IRC ... #kayetie if anyone wants to say, "hi". :D


February 7, 2005


It's my favorite SSH client for windows. Standard SSH port only though. It's easy to use and does the job and it's a small little application. Download it here.

February 2, 2005

XP Machine

I recently shifted from the XP default theme to the Windows Classic Theme. I have to say my PC is much more responsive now, because it isn't drawing the muffed up glassy (wanna be MAC) gui interface for the shell. Wee! Classic is a bit ugly, but screw it.

January 27, 2005

My Favorite OSX MP3 Player

Audion 3 for OSX


Someone from an MSN email account sent me a 0kb control panel file extension?! The file name is "guupd02.cpl". I scanned it with Clam AntiVirus, Virex, and Norton AntiVirus. It came up clean. I'm hoping this was a mistake of some sort, or just garbage generated from someone's infected machine.

January 26, 2005

OSX Security Update

Security Update: Security Update 2005-001

January 19, 2005

Bill Gates, Teen Beat?!

There is this rumor going around concerning specific photographs being distributed of Bill Gates doing a spread for Tean Beat Magazine. These are false. These photos were taken by Deborah Feingold/CORBIS. The date the photographs were taken, 1985. These photographs are of, "Bill Gates, CEO of Microsoft, throws a Windows 1.0 floppy disk in his office soon after the product's release", per the caption of the photograph on Corbis.

post-59416-1105987532.jpg post-59416-1105987549.jpg

OMG! Don't you guys have something better to do besides write bullshit?!

January 9, 2005

Unsecured WebCams?!?!?

Search google for the below... It's unbelievable. I actually was watching someone for a bit when they realized I was watching, then either secured it or turned it off. *LOL* Poeple password your shit, if you don't want strangers watching you!


*throws on my "Seether - Disclaimer II" album* I like the whole album, but my favorite songs are; "Gasoline" ... "Fine Again" ... "Broken" ... "Driven Under"

January 3, 2005

Cable Went Out

Last night as I was sending out an email before heading upstairs for the night when the cable went out. It was out for most of the late evening. Comcast cable sucks in this area. They can only keep the line up for 6 months at a time before something happens that brings it down for at least an hour. Does ANYONE know what they are doing there at Comcast? I think not.

December 17, 2004

My PC Is Back Up

Well, I've successfully installed up to SP2. I have to admit it was a bit of a 'bear' to do. The time involved would have made anyone talk under interrogation settings. The process was painstaking. Now I am installing software that will not run without registry entries. My VideoMate CompPro TV Gold plus tuner card is working like a dream again. Yes, I'm happy about it.

Back to installing software...

October 15, 2004

Belkin USB Bluetooth and Hotsync Manager

I have run into an issue where whenever I have my Belkin USB Bluetooth device plugged in, it will conflict with my Hotsync Manager. I get the Transport Monitor error 4960, and I can't seem to use Bluetooth to connect from my palm to my laptop for email/web at all. I can transfer files back and forth, but I can not use 'BlueTooth Internet Sharing'. Has anyone else noticed this issue?

I posted this to even though it's a dead thread. I've visited the setup pages at also. The setup instructions there didn't help at all. There is one last piece of software that I can try, but I'm going to see if I can get a demo of it to test it. I really don't want to buy a piece of software that isn't going to fix my issue.

NOTE: Belkin does not make drivers for the MAC OS at all for this BlueTooth USB device. The model number for the USB Bluetooth device is "F8T001 ver2".

October 7, 2004

Recording NPR News Broadcasts

Here are some basic instructions for recording the morning NPR newscast on OS X. You will need Audio Hijack, iTunes, Windows Media Player.

Make sure the above sotware is installed. Once installed open Audio Hijack. You will need to make a "new" preset. Call it "NPR News". You can call it anything you wish, but this is what I call it. Click on the "Target" tab. Under "application" select Windows Media Player. Click to select the "Open URL/File/AppleScript". Type in the NPR URL to the morning news. Next... Click the "Timer" tab. Make sure you select "Timer Enabled". Click/Select Monday - Friday. I selected the time to record from 5am - 6am. So, set your "start" and "end" time. Below that are added options. Record, Mute, Quit Target. I have all of these selected. I want my NPR news to record, but record muted so as not to disturb me this early in the morning, then quit the hijacked application when the timer ends. Now, click the "Recording" tab. "Save recorded files to:" ... Set this to your desktop. "When finished recording:" ... Click "select" ... Set this to "Encode to MP3 with iTunes". Next, click the "Effects" tab. Here you will select "spoken word". This will give you a really nice audio quality for listening.

Now that we are setup. Quit Audio Hijack to save your settings, then restart it. Leave it running in your dock. When you wake up in the morning you should have iTunes open and ready to play your recorded (MP3) NPR morning news broadcast in your Playlist. Just delete the .aiff file on your desktop and enjoy! You can throw these onto your iPod, if you wish.

October 2, 2004

Stupid Me

For some reason it slipped my mind to do my weekly maintenance on my iBook. You know... Just clear the caches, clear logs, run disk permissions. And now I'm suffereing for my absent mindedness. Now I will set an iCal alarm to pop up weekly to remind me to do it. Lesson learned.

September 28, 2004

My USB Problem

I'm not sure when I started having this problem. The last time I used anything USB was about 3 to 6 months ago. Windows shows all the USB related devices working properly. Yet when I plug something USB in, it will not auto find it, and mount it. Any hints? Anyone? Because, I've already put back my old BIOS, and then reflashed it with the new BIOS and nothing. I even made another user account to see if it was something that was cached, or corrupted, but nothing. My only choice now is to remove all the USB devices, and let it refind it all. I'm hoping that will fix it.


I removed the USB devices, and let windows refind them after reboot. It fixed my issue. Seems the drivers got corrupted, or screwed somehow. Yah! It's fixed!

September 17, 2004

Updated My PC Memory

I've updated to 1GB of memory for my PC. I'm hoping it will help with PC gaming and 3D rendering a bit. I'm sure it will.

Also, I got a 200GB external Firewire/USB2.0 drive to backup both my MAC and PC to, and for Pictures, Video, 3D & 2D stuff. This stuff usually eats up a lot of disk space. And it's good to have an external drive you can plug in, in a hurry.

Right now I am backing up my iBook system to disk. I haven't done one in months. Check that. I haven't done one since I sent it in for warranty repair. Time for one. So that is now running.

I'm waiting for my Gameboy Advance to finish charging. I have a cobalt blue one, which is quite cool. And I'm smoking a cigar... Comacho ($4.90)... I'm not happy with the wrapper...

September 14, 2004

Too Much Time On Their Hands?

Virus writers have created a piece of malware that 'talks' to victims. The Amus email worm uses Windows Speech Engine (which is built-in to Windows XP) to deliver a curious message to infected users.

The message reads: "How are you. I am back. My name is mister hamsi. I am seeing you. Haaaaaaaa. You must come to turkiye. I am cleaning your computer. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. 0. Gule. Gule." ("Gule. Gule" is Turkish for "Bye. Bye". "Hamsi" is a small fish, like an anchovy, found in the Black Sea). Finnish anti-virus firm F-Secure has posted a sound file generated by the message here.

Apparently it's low risk, but still. Here is the sound file, if you want to download and listen to it. Otherwise you can hear it here from F-Secure.

August 29, 2004

Fixed My Network Filesharing Issue

My Network Filesharing issue is now fixed. Yes, that's right. I fixed it by editting the windows registry. I noticed that in my event logs I was getting these IRPStackSize errors also. Wierd. I went into the registry and changed the decimal number for this setting from 11 to 14, and it fixed my filesharing issue. This issue, I believe, is related to Norton Antivirus and how pervasive it is to the windows system.

The exact registry key was:


Then... change the value for IRPStackSize. You will need to change the base to decimal otherwise you will just see it's hex value. If the value isn't 11, then just increase your value by three. For instance if you have 15.. move it to 18.

The errors related to this are:

Aug 27 17:39:47 myibook kernel: smb_maperr32: no direct map for 32 bit server error (0xc0000205)

Domain=[YourWindowMachine] OS=[Windows 5.1] Server=[Windows 2000 LAN Manager] tree connect failed: NT_STATUS_INSUFF_SERVER_RESOURCES

(In your event logs you will also notice it complaining about the IRPStackSize.

I Give Up For Now

I've given up for now on my windows network filesharing issue. *shrugs* I repaired my XP OS with no resolution. I've even disabled my firewall and antivirus to see if they were the issue. I've posted on a few forums for techs to see if anyone else has encountered my issue.

Right now I'm listening to the "Red Hot Chilli Peppers Greatest Hits" on my iPod. *smiles* Might play a game in a bit online. Having trouble deciding on Spearhead, Americas Army, or Castle Wolfenstien. Oh, I go by the names (@}--)Superhero and Goddes.Of.War. *hehe*

Reinstalling XP

I'm reinstalling XP on my pc today. Hopefully it will fix my networking issues. I think something got corrupted when I updated to the bigger drive, and merged partitions. *shrugs*

Back to doing some Adminstration work while this installs.

August 27, 2004

OS X Samba and XP Filesharing Problem

I seem to be having an issue connecting to my windows shares on my XP machine since I upgraded my drive. I can mount any other XP share on my network with my iBook, but can't mount my own PC. Although all the other windows machines on my network can see and view these shares. All but my iBook and the other Powerbook G4.

Here is the error I am getting... This was in my system log file on my iBook.

Aug 27 17:39:47 myibook kernel: smb_maperr32: no direct map for 32 bit server error (0xc0000205)

Does anyone have any idea as to what the problem might be? I've searched goolge and haven't found my issue yet.

Further error when done from my iBook on the command line...

Domain=[NOMAD] OS=[Windows 5.1] Server=[Windows 2000 LAN Manager]

August 24, 2004


My upgrade went well. Right now I'm defgragging my C drive, and that's all that is left to do. So far my system is a little more snappy.

I final got my Converse All-Stars in the mail today. I am wearing them now. Woohoo! They rock! And I'm eating a salad as a late lunch. MMmmm. Listening to NPR talk radio right now too. I recorded it, so I'm listening to the recorded mp3 file. Which is cool, because I can pause or stop when I want. Good for those work interuptions here.

August 23, 2004

XP Hard Drive Upgrade

OK. Popped in my new 120GB hard drive in master position where my DVD-ROM drive is (turned off temporaily for this), and resized and formatted the drive in half. So, I have one big hard drive with two large partitions. I am copying two of my other partitions to these new patitions. Once done I will resize my C drive to take up the whole 27GB disk, so there will be plenty of breathing room for XP. After that I will reassign drive letters, so everything will be working as it's suppose to. Then I will yank my other 27GB drive for use in another system.

So far, so good.

August 16, 2004

Norton AntiVirus LiveUpdate Problem

"LU1841: LiveUpdate could not connect to your Internet Service"

If you get something like this when running LiveUpdate you will need to go to your Control Panel/LiveUpdate and configure your connection to fix this. This should help. Although, I am not sure why LiveUpdate reset my connection settings.

August 6, 2004

Building GAIM for OSX Panther

The hard & geeky way. You will need to make sure you have these packages installed first. pkgconfig, glib, gtk, atk, pango, gettext, fontconfig, expat, xft2, XFree86, freetype, and GAIM. If you get errors building these you will have to refer to the developer site. There is time involved in this, so, only applies to you geeks out there that have built software from source.

The easyier way. Here you can just download FINK, FINK Commander, and GAIM. Install.

June 24, 2004

Upgrade From Your Old MAC To Your New MAC

Upgrade From Your Old MAC To Your New MAC - The link is the fast and simple way to upgrade, and move your data over from your old MAC to your new MAC.

June 8, 2004

"conduit manager, volume is locked"

"conduit manager, volume is locked"

Does anyone know why you would get this Hotsync'ing to OS X Panther? I have a Palm m515. I can sync fine to my PC, but I'm having isues syncing to my iBook. Any help?

Addendum... I found out that I just needed to update my Palm Desktop software. I'm fixed.

May 17, 2004

G3 Wallstreet Autopsy/Repair

G3 Wallstreet Repair

I had to assist in a Wallstreet repair recently, which was quite fun. I've included some pictures, and brief descriptions at the link above. We had to replace the power adaptor port. It was definitely bad.

May 14, 2004

iBook Update

My iBook is back now. It appears to be fixed after they replaced my hard drive, and combo drive. I have burning over 16x now, which is good. And I am typing this entry from my laptop. Yah! Let's hope I don't have to call for apple repair again. It's nice having it back. I spent most of the day yesterday restoring from backup, and doing some clean up. Now on to getting some work done.

May 11, 2004

iBook Going Back Today

iBook 800Mhz is going back today. The pickup for the repair return is this afternoon sometime. Patiently waiting on Airbourne to arrive to pick it up. I really do hope that Apple fixes my laptop this time.

May 10, 2004

iBook Update

My iBook is going back yet again to Apple for repair. I had to call them on the 8th due to the hardware issues I started having after getting it back. Seems I was unable to get a working operating system on it. When I got it back it took 1 hour to boot to Jaquar. My utilities were telling me that the S.M.A.R.T. drive diagnostics were failing, and I kept getting bad blocks (over 80) every time I reformatted the drive with zeros. It would still report bad blocks and the S.M.A.R.T. drive failures after this. I initially thought they replaced this hard drive, because it sounded different. It didn't sound like my old hard drive that came with the iBook that had absolutely no problems before getting it back from Apple. Also, the new 24x Toshiba combo drive would not eject a CD without using a paper clip to open the door.

My question to the phone tech at level 2 was, "What did they do toss it around the room?" He chuckled.

This time they are replacing the hard drive, and the combo burner (yet again). This is turning into a nightmare.

May 8, 2004

iBook Update

Got off the phone with Apple again. The iBook is going back again for replacement of hard drive and combo drive. Another four day wait... crazy The saga continues.


I have to say at this point... I'm REALLY fucking pissed!

My repaired iBook has returned to me with a new hard drive, logic board, and combo drive. The hard drive as it turns out is BAD. The S.M.A.R.T feature of the drive is failing, and says (according to my Disk Warrior and Norton) that the drive will fail, and I will start having data loss. I am currenly in the middle of running TechTool 4 surface scan, which has found so far 82 bad blocks. I'm still getting more.

Now, I have to ask Apple... Why did you replace my perfectly working drive with this bad Toshiba (MK3018GAS) drive? I'm curious. I'm pissed. YOU sold me a lemon, and you continue to screw me. You better believe (at this point) I am taking this personally.

May 7, 2004

iBook Is Back From Apple

I got my iBook back from Apple today. They replaced three parts; 630-4039 PCBA, 800MHZ/678-0452 DA, TOSHIBA SD-R2412. This was from the previous burning issue I was having with it. It would not burn at 16x, it's rated speed. Well, they replaced this combo drive with the Toshiba model. Although, I'm not sure why they replaced my hard drive, as there was nothing wrong with it. I think the other part replaced was the logic board, which is marked for replacement due to a recall from Apple.

Right now I am running Norton Utilities / Disk Doctor, as my updgrade to Panther 10.3.3 didn't go to well. The laptop was making funny Atari like sounds when downloading and installing this update. Seems I encountered disk errors, which happens when you don't run disk permissions / norton before upgrading. They installed the older Jaquar OS, which just sucks. So, that's what I am doing now. Running Disk Doctor, and it's finding errors, which I am fixing. Hopefully I will be back up and updated, then move on to restoring my backed up system soon. *crosses fingers*

April 26, 2004

iBook still in for repairs

My iBook still is sitting over at the local repair shop. Our guys there are sending it in to Apple to get the speakers repaired, and maybe get the logic board replaced. Apparently this logic board for my iBook series was recalled. Hopefully they will replace this. One last ditch effort to try to get Apple to do something about the fact that my combo drive will not burn at it's rated speed. And since a month after I bought it, it has not burned at it's 16x rated speed. If Apple were to be fair they would replace this drive, or send me an iBook of equal value with the same features. I don't approve of a company telling me it's my tuff luck they sold me a lemon. That's what Apple is saying when I ship it in, and they ship it back with nothing fixed, and no explanation as to why it wasn't fixed.

This issue is only with laptops with this model combo drive...

April 23, 2004

iBook 800MHz Repair

Took my iBook in for warranty repair yesterday. My speakers appeared to be blown, and my combo drive has never burned at it's rated speed. Even when I buy the expensive CD-R's to burn with. I'm not sure how my speakers wound up getting blown. I've been pondering it for days now, and still can't think of anything. I haven't bumped it, dropped it, or spilled anything on it. Ugh! The burner has never worked right since I bought it. It only burned at 16x for a whole month after I bought it. I really think they made the sensor for the combo drive WAY too sensitive. Maybe it's just prone to error from vibration. Who knows. Only Apple knows that.

I have to say I miss my iBook already. I've been doing work on my PC, which just sucks. It's the difference between driving a BMW and a Saturn. My iBook being the BMW, and my PC being the Saturn. I really hate working on my PC. It's fun for design, audio/video, and gaming, but not much else for me. I design on both, but my PC has the processing power right now to really bang out the rendering of 3D designs.

April 19, 2004



12 pieces of spam today in both of my email accounts.

4 pieces of spam today at my work email addresses.

Someone tell me why has such shitty spam filtering? When I block something it doesn't block it. Tell me.. Does the spam you report as spam via the web login for webmail actually send you reports, or does it just put it in the trash folder? Because THAT seems to be the case.

April 4, 2004

PC Ugrade...

My new pc upgrade... I had to get a mod'ed case.

2.6GHz Celeron w/512MB 3200 fast memory.

March 31, 2004

PC Upgrade 2004

Well, I now have 512MB memory, and a new case, which is really cool looking. My IS7 motherboard, and 2.6GHz processor. Now all there is to do is make the time to do the upgrading. I will post some digital pictures as soon as I have the new upgraded pc up and running.

March 19, 2004

Firewalk X & 10.3.3

I updated to Panther 10.3.3 yesterday, and found out that my firewall was no longer working. I reinstalled it, and it seems to be working now.

March 3, 2004

Blank Email ... Spam????

Lately, I've been getting these blank emails at my Comcast email address. For some reason these blank message hang and freeze my mail client, then freezes my PC forcing me to restart. I reported it to Comcast as spam. I hope they can do something to stop it.

Although getting mail with my MAC doesn't pick it up as an actual message, so it ignores it on email checking. When I login to webmail at Comcast it shows as a blank message, from noone, to noone. It's a garbage email with no headers, and no content. Weird.

As soon as I delete this 'blank' message I can then get my mail again with my PC.

February 28, 2004

OSX Shortcut Keys For Screenshot

OSX Hint:

COMMAND+SHIFT=3 ... Will grab entire screen to a pdf file.

COMMAND+CTRL+SHIFT+3 ... Will grab entire screen to clip board for cut&paste into email.

COMMAND+SHIFT+4 ... Will then turn your pointer to a camera lense icon, select the region you wish to have a screenshot of, then it will copy that to a pdf file.

COMMAND+CTRL+SHIFT+4 ... Will do the same thing, except put the screenshot to clip board for emailing.

And for a little fun and a good laugh go here.

January 10, 2004

thawte signed/encrypt email

I setup a few of my email address through for the Free mail sign/encrypt service. Now I can send and received digitally signed messages, and encrypted messages. I figured it was a good thing to set this up, so that clients/users have the option to send me encrypted email. Ensuring their privacy.

Also, I have a PGP key. So, if you prefer PGP over thawte certificates that's cool too. I can do both.

January 3, 2004

Honeynet Project

Ever want to setup your own Honeynet/Honeypot?! Honeynets/Honeypots are used for finding bugs, security issues, and for getting to know the tools and tricks of the blackhat community. I have included some URLs of interest conscerning this...

KYE (Know Your Enemy) - Honeynets

The Honeynet Project - Tools.

December 10, 2003

Microsoft MSN Annoyances

This service is completely annoying. There is no need to have this service auto starting when you can start it manually when you run the client. Ways of disabling it from starting up on system reboot, or system start. 1) Go into MSN Messenger and select Tools/Options/Preferences ... Uncheck the following boxes. "Run this program when Windows starts" and "Allow this program to run in the background". 2) This service will keep running unless you disable "NAV 2003, disable Instant Messenger monitoring.". It took me forever to figure out number two.


December 9, 2003


I just updated to the new stable release of OpenOffice for my PC. It's a smaller install than Microsofts, and I like it better. If you would like to check it out, and try the software for yourself the URL is below. SUN Microsystems is to offer support for it.

OpenOffice - Free office replacement for Microsoft Office. Reads Microsoft documents.

December 4, 2003

I've upgraded...

I've upgraded greymatter so that you can use emoticons. Along with mood, and music. Looks pretty neat.


October 27, 2003

spam *NEW*

New email spam/scam that is going around to comcast customers. Please folks, do not respond or otherwise reply back to this letter with your credit card information. As you can see this email originates from an (RoadRunner) IP address. Not to mention this email appears to be a mass mail list. The actual link they send you to belongs to a address ""

From Mon Oct 27 19:55:01 2003

Received: from ([](untrusted sender))

by (rwcrmxc12) with SMTP

id <20031027225844r12001sf2qe>; Mon, 27 Oct 2003 22:58:48 +0000


From: "Comcast Service"

Subject: Comcast : [Incident: 091005-000794]

Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2003 02:29:42 +0330

MIME-Version: 1.0

Content-Type: text/html;


Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

X-Priority: 3

X-MSMail-Priority: Normal

X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 6.00.2600.0000

X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V6.00.2600.0000

Dear Comcast user,

We recently attempted to bill your account but we seemed to receive an error when charging your card. This can occur for a variety of reasons including card expiration, over-limit, suspicion of fraud, or several other technical difficulties. Please visit the Comcast Billing Center, by clicking the below hyperlink, and update your information so this issue can be cleared up.

Comcast Billing Center

Thank you,
Walter James
Comcast? Billing Department

October 22, 2003

LMAO - How NOT To Install Computer Hardware

This an article emailed to me from VERY funny!

[0]ssassen writes "Most computer hardware websites tell you how to get your computer hardware up and running properly and not RMA it after the first boot. Hardware Analysis takes a different approach and tells us exactly [1]how NOT to install computer hardware. They document many of the pitfalls that'll sound familiar to many enthusiasts and have somegreat pictures of what could go horribly wrong during an upgrade. Very funny, and guaranteed to put a smile on your face!"

Discuss this story at:




October 9, 2003

128MB agp card

Couldn't get this new card to run in my machine. I think it might be too old too push it. It wouldn't boot even to BIOS once I installed the drivers for the card. Although I did try it in a machine that had a more updated board, but it would crash that one too. Complaining about the CPU frequency being out of range or something. Going to see if I can have a friend look at it, and test on the newer Pentium 4 machine. Otherwise I will send it back, and see if they will send out a replacment card.

Anyone out there know what the problem might be?!

I am running a BE6II board with current BIOS update.


Computer Issues

PC / XP Machine: I've had to replace my AGP 32MB card. The fan died on it, so I went on Ebay and purchased an AGP 128MB card to replace it. WooHoo!!!! I will be installing that within a few days or so.

iBook: Called to put in for repair. My combo drive no longer burns at 16x anymore. Went through a little test burn for the tech over the phone as a test. Didn't burn at 16x, so it will be sent back tomorrow. Right now I am making a backup of my entire system just in case anything freaky happens.

September 19, 2003

I've been getting a lot of these...

I've been getting a lot of these bogus Microsoft Update emails lately. I've received about five within the past month alone. These emails appear to be from Microsoft, which contain an infected update file. This one might fool the clueless user that isn't aware of how Microsoft Updates work.

ms091803.txt (2k file)

September 5, 2003

Latest MS mail scam to instull virii

Below you will find the latest email scam that looks like it's from microsoft, but it's forged to get you to install virii. Interesting...

ms.txt (5k file)

September 4, 2003

Latest email scam

Below is a link to the latest email scam that's going around. Please don't fall for this.

Dr.UbaJega.txt (4k file)

August 9, 2003

GoLive Errors

I have been getting these weird crashes while FTPing up to my sites with GoLive on my iBook. For some reason in the middle of uploading an HTML file it will crash the machine, and create this 0kb file in my directory on the web server. If you try to write over the file it will just crash the machine again. You have to delete the 0kb file in order to fix this issue. Weird...

August 3, 2003

iBook burning issues

It seems I am having issues with burning with my combo drive on my 800MHz G3 power book. For some odd reason I could not burn above 4x using non-brand-name cd-r's from Best Buy. I then popped in Imation cd-r's and now it's burning at 16x, like it's suppose to. Weird.

I've read if you reset your PRAM you will get the 16x burning back in the "data cds hybrid burning" setting. Do this by rebooting, then holding down "CMD-Option-PR", then wait for it to chyme 3 times.

For 'sleep issues and problems with firewire ports'... Reset your NVRAM... Restart the computer, then hold down "CMD-Option-OF". This will bring you to the Open Firmware prompt. Type "reset-nvram" hit enter... Then type "set-defaults" hit enter... then type "reset-all" hit enter. Reboot.

July 28, 2003

PF790, ViewSonic 19" Monitor

My monitor is acting up. It's been doing this funky resolution thing for the past couple of days. It's not keeping the resolution size right, and the coloring is all distorted. Too much magenta on my linux machine. And on my pc it's doing this resolution resizing thing going in and out really fast-like. Weird. It's making me sad. Turning it off and on makes it go away. It might be some symptomatic thing that is happening while on my powered switch.

July 24, 2003

obsessive online users

For the life of me I do not understand the obsessive nature of people online.

For instance, you can block someone from 'said' web page for going against your site AUS (acceptance of use policy), or the sites Rules & Protocols for access. They will then find a different dialup number, dialup provider, proxy server, or other means of accessing the site when you have explained to them (on MANY occasions) that they are banned from the site. That any access attempts will be considered "Anauthorized Access", and will be reported to the corresponding ISP(s). What's the purpose of obsessively trying to gain access to a site where you have gotten yourself removed from, because YOU can not follow the sites Rules & Protocols?!

Yet these users will circumvent their block, and pop back in to verbally accost other users for getting them banned from the site?! Blaming the other users for their banning, because of their own horrible behavior. And the fact that they can not follow simple Rules & Protocols for accessing the site?!


July 22, 2003

Voted Monitor - Beauty's Castle Chat

Well, it's been some time now. And our voted monitor seems to be doing quite well. I (admin) am quite surprised that our paying users actually voted for someone that seems to be level headed. If people actually had to vote for their policemen who would they pick? Someone even handed? Someone that does not play favorites? Someone that will be fair to all no matter their social standing?


July 16, 2003

TRON (the real-time operating system nucleus)

An open source university professor at Tokyo University writes freeware operating system over 20 years ago (1984), TRON (real-time operating system nucleus). This embedded operating system runs on microprocessors in electronic devices, which can be used on fax machines, cell phones, and even modified for use on personal computers.

TRON man shuns Gates-like fortune (CNN)

TRON the real-time operating system nucleus:

TRON news items for March 2001:

June 16, 2003

Voting For A Moderator

For the first time in history Beauty's Castle is going to allow it's paying members to vote for a moderator. Not a lot of people are fond of this idea since Beauty's Castle is NOT a democracy. They don't feel that voting for their 'policemen' is a good idea. Administration is not sure if this will go well, but they are willing to give it a try.

In the end the voted moderator will be on a three to six month trial, I believe.

BUT... Administration still has final saying as to whether the voted moderator gets to stay or go.

May 27, 2003

Firewall Blocking...

Did some firewall blocking on, and some blocking per htaccess due to the unbelievable amount of scanning & attempts at access to my personal web server. Most of these scans originated from my own cable provider. I have sent numerous complaints with no response from them, so now I have to resort to this. It's unfortunate. I have a total of 36 IPs blocked so far, and I'm getting new ones daily.

These stupid kiddies, all looking for Windows exploitable machines. Sorry, but I do not run Windows, or Windows NT if I want a secure web server. The one windows machine I do have is XP, it has two firewalls running on it, and it's running virus protection. Paranoid? Yes! Especially when it concerns Microsoft OS's. This machine is purely for gaming, and multimedia design. I don't even do email on this machine.

May 12, 2003

New Spam Going Around...

LOL... There is this new spam that is going around that I even received from the domain "". By the time I was able to go and check the domain on a secure machine (non windows) the site was dead. They were informing people through this email that they would keep receiving these reminders that their windows machine is infected. That they should go to the site and auto update their windows software. I laughed at this, as virus deffinitions (keeping them updated) have NOTHING to do with your Operating system software. I knew right away this was a scam!

Please people... Don't EVER fall for these scams! If you use windows ALWAYS use your autoupdate feature that is in your START menu for windows. Never use third party links or websites. Don't even go to the sites!!! Forward the emails to your service provider, and let them do the dirty work. It's what you pay them for.


March 15, 2003

Sick Humor...


Named in honor of Charles Darwin, the father of evolution, the Darwin Awards commemorate those who improve our gene pool by removing themselves from it.

Must Read

February 11, 2003

Why Doesn't MSN work with Opera???

Seems that Microsoft is still up to it's nasty business. Please read this article. I'm sure you will be discusted with the way Microsoft does it's business. Seems they are sending different HTML pages to different browser to make them look crappy, or not give complete content. Read the article posted at

February 5, 2003

Discus Board

My Discus board is now running, and people may post to it. Ran into a few permission problems on it's files, which I believe I have fixed. ;-)

*wipes forehead*

Test post on NEW SuSE linux machine...

Well.. It's been quite a while since I've posted... And this is a test to make sure my blog software is working on my new faster Pentium III machine. ;-)

Yes, I ran into to many compile issues with my developers version of Solaris 8 x86. Found out that the C libraries were broken, and other software compatability issues were going on. It required WAY too much of my time to debug and fix, so I installed SuSE 7.1 with all latest updates and patches. It is running beautifully. I am quite pleased with the results.

Still have to fix my discuss board though... Having script execution problems, but I think that has to do with directory paths and such. Shouldn't take too long to fix when I get the time again.

January 8, 2003

Update... Compaq PIII Solaris 8 x86 system...

OK... I've made some headway...

I popped in an old ATI - All In Wonder Pro PCI card, and it recognizes the card and all is working fine. I am now reinstalling my OS at the moment. Should be an hour for the install, then I will be turning off services in inetd that I am not going to use. Then I will patch and update the system, and a few services. After which I will start my 'hardening' of the machine. Maybe I will write a little "Securing your Solaris 8 x86 system" paper. Who knows... ;-)

January 7, 2003

Addendum to (Posted by cdump @ 05:05 PM EDT)

OK.. I got Solaris 8 x86 running on this Compaq, but had to use basic video display drivers to get it running. Horrible. It's in this nasty grey scale/somewhat color at 600X800. The graphics chip in this machine, which is onboard is form the Intel i810/i815 chipset. They do not make drivers for this chipset. I searched through Compaq's site with no luck. I searched through 3rd party drivers, and I actually found one at They have a demo for these drivers, which are free, but the X server will terminate after 25 minutes. Not much use to me... And the full version of these drivers for one license is $119. A little too steep guys! Especially considering I can buy a video card that will be compatible for under that, and I probably have a video card that is compatible laying around here somewhere. Now off to search my old hardware to see if I can find a compatible video card... to be continued...

January 2, 2003

Beauty's Castle

Finally (after quite an effort) we have moved all of our domains onto a faster SPARC server to save on our monthly hosting bill(s). The chat is quite happy, and actually is serving up pages at a faster rate.

December 10, 2002

Updating My Work Machine

Got a used Compaq DeskPro, Pentium III, 13GB hard drive, with 128MB RAM from my Mom when I was out for Thanksgiving. I am trying to update it to run Solaris8 x86. I am looking forward to getting a faster machine then what I am running now (233MMX, 90'someoddMB' RAM, running SuSE linux). But I am not looking forward to all the work in configuring the new machine, and to make sure everything is compatible before I waste my time. I also have to check into what I can use for Mail instead of Kmail.

November 11, 2002

I updated the graphics for tonight. It is MUCH more visually appealing, IMHO. I recently came into possession of a hand-me-down 19" Professional Monitor (for Graphic Designers). It has an 18" viewable area, which was SLIGHTLY overwhelming for the first few days. BIG! Anyway, it is actually the whole reason for the update to this site. I saw how bad it looked... Well it looked bad to me... And I had to update it... I will add "newer" news within the next couple of days.