January 13, 2006


Adult-Swim is showing Perfect Hair Forever. I watched one episode of it, and found it odd. Itís about the young, bald boy on a quest for perfect hair in a mysterious land. He has this sidekick, I would say. A hotdog, in a hotdog bun, that shoots lasers out of his eyes. Here is an .mp3 file that I found on the net, it is the music for the show. Itís a bit odd in itself.

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September 28, 2005


Today is our 9 year Anniversary, so we went shopping. I bought the below...


She bought...

Trace Memory DS

As a bonus we received in the mail a parking ticket for a car we do not even own. That we have never driven. WTF?

July 28, 2005


We purchased the DVD for this movie yesterday and watched it last night. It was GOOOOOOD!

June 2, 2005

Birthday Gifts Arrived

Gifts from my friend Kim. One is the "Mythology: The DC Comics Art of Alex Ross", and the other is "Wicked City" a really good anime. Yah! *hoogs* Thank you so much! :D

March 20, 2005

Witch Hunter Robin

I'm watcing a few episodes of this right now, and it's damn good.

Anime No-Ip domain

February 13, 2005

Super Milk Chan

Ummmm *scratches my head*

supermilkchan.jpg"Meet Milk-chan, the weirdest superheroine you've probably ever seen. Be warned: she may look cute, but she's no poster girl! She may not have super powers, but she's rude, crude, and doesn't give you-know-what about what you think about her drooling. Living six months behind on rent with an obsolete robot, a slug, and an out-of-control pet, Milk-chan answers whenever the President calls...if she feels like it.

The President's clueless, her missions are insane...but then the bad guys are nuts and so for that matter is our "heroine". The world is screwed...and it doesn't care. Welcome to The Super Milk-chan Show.

Super Milk-chan got its start as a segment in the Fuji Television show Flyer back in 1998. Its 14 episode original run developed a bit of a cult following, which precipitated Milk graduating from training pants to her own television show. When A.D. Vision acquired the rights to Oh! Super Milk-chan, they and Industrial Smoke & Mirrors (the dub studio upon whom ADV frequently relies) proceeded to do a little work on it. Since it's only two baby steps away from the average American animated crude comedy (ie. South Park), they made the jokes and plotline fit better to American tastes.

The original version of the show also had live action footage. They decided to replace them with behind-the-scenes skits from within Industrial Smoke & Mirrors. They also inserted the original 8-minute Super Milk-chan segments from Flyer into the show as Vintage Milk-chan. But to be fair to the purists, ADV made sure to keep the original footage. The Super Milk-chan Show is packaged with two discs per volume. One is the aforementioned "Made for America" version; the other is the original Japanese version.

Just remember, keep the kids away from this. It may look cute, but it's cute in a Ren & Stimpy sort of way, with the language out of South Park thrown in for good measure. "

via Absolute Anime

This is absolutely nutty Anime. *lol* My face gets all twisted watching these episodes. I'm still not sure what to think of it.

December 21, 2004

Blood: The Last Vampire

The wifey went out to Best Buy today. Reminder to self... Never let her go alone. She shops till she drops. *hehe* She came back with four DVDs. One for me, which I've been wanting for quite some time now. It's called "Blood: The Last Vampire". I truly enjoyed this. It was damn good. If you liked "Ghost In The Shell", "Akira", and "Spriggan", then you'll like this. Something you want for your Anime collection.

Blood: The Last Vampire

Description for "Blood: The Last Vampire"

November 21, 2004

The REAL Akira Motorcycle

I forgot to put these up...

Akira1, Akira2-1, Akira2, Akira3, Akira4, Akira5, Akira6

October 19, 2004

Steel Angel Kurumi

Yah! I bought this DVD collection today. I have to say that it is one of my favorites. I've included a description below from AnimeNFO. I'm going to enjoy watching this again.

"Steel Angel is an android who has an Angel Heart created by powerful magic. In other words Steel Angel is a creature of both science and magic. Kurumi is the 1st Steel Angel, and she is awaken when Nakahito kisses her. Nakahito is the second child of "Onmyoudou Shuke" (a house of Japanese Yin and Yang spiritual leader). She has so much affection for him that she calls him "my master". She never follows any other orders but Nakahito's. Now, Nakahito, a boy with a gentle heart, and Kurumi, an android with an Angel Heart and invincible power, are the dynamic duo! Then the 2nd Steel Angel Saki, the 3rd Steel Angel Karinka and more characters join the story. Steel Angel Kurumi is the romantic action drama of cute girls full of laughter and heart-warming stories. The story takes place in the "Taisho Roman" period. Taisho is the Japanese historical period of about 90 years ago (similar to Sakura Taisen).

**** There are 4 episodes (25-28) special to tie up the loose ends from the end of the TV series ****"

October 13, 2004

Ghost in the Shell - Innocence

It is near future, 2032, people are connected to the computer network, and they can communicate each other without talking or typing keyboards. The most parts of their bodies are replaced by machineries. It is a world where human, cyborgs, and robots are living together. Batou is a detective of a governmental agency, which is responsible to control terrorists. He is a living cyborg, and his hands, legs, and the other body parts are artificial. It is only his brain and the memory of a woman, Motoko, that remain. One day, a girl-type robot loses the control, and kills the owner. He wonders why that robot killed the owner. The robots are to be made to work for human. He begins to investigate the affair with his buddy, Togusa. Then a mysterious hacker interferes with his investigation by attacking his brain from the computer network. Suffering from the attack, he is gradually approaching to the truth.

* Thanks to masahiko for the information.

Damnit! I want to see this movie.

July 14, 2004

Akira Special Edition DVD

Forgot to mention that I purchased "Akira" Special Edition DVD. Another awesome Anime. This movie however is not for the under 13 crowd.