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Laguna Beach, CA - 2

Quick update


Day of Travel and Arrival:

Seven hours in the air, and 2 hours on the ground. We had a lay over in Dallas, Ft Worth. Jesus that airport is huge. The changed the gate on us once, which killed an hour going back and forth to the correct gate of departure.

I did not get motion sickness at all, which is quite strange. I usually start throwing up 15 minutes after being in the air. I think it was the combination of my Wellbutrin and Prozac together, because I think my motion sickness is triggered by my anxiety and panic attacks. Yah for no puking!

After picking up our bags from the baggage claim; We humped it over to the rent-a-car to get a car. We rented a new Toyota with only 100 miles on it. We took off to head over to Fashion Island to get the one I'm betrothed to makeup she needed. After that I said lets go to Starbucks for coffee and a snack.

Then it was to the Sister in-laws... After being there for a bit we went to dinner at the "Boom Boom Room", and stayed for the drag show that started at 10:30 PM. We had a reserved table up front, and I was the object of their desire. *LOL* The first girl asking me if I was gay or straight. I knew better than to answer the question, because it would further keep her going. The second girl kept making eye contact with me, shook my hand, then positioned her cheek for kissing. I laughed, blushed and obliged. She kissed me back on the cheek. Red lips on my cheek the rest of my evening. *chuckles* My partner kept laughing, because out of all the guys there the girls kept fixating on me. She thought it was cute. I found the attention flattering.


First Day Here:

We all went for a walk around the neighborhood up to Moulton Meadows Park. I took my camera with me on the walk, and took some pictures.

Later after 4 PM went in to town. My partner wanted to buy me another early birthday present. A pair of Oakley FLAK Jacket poloarized sunglasses. I love them already. Once that was done we walked over to the local grocery store to pick up food for dinner, New York Steaks. Mmmmm... While there I picked up some whey protein shake mix (1lb. chocolate container) for $20. I need the extra protien. It's easy for me to down a glass of milk at breakfast when I really don't have much of an appetite. A chocolate protein shake should be easy as well.

5/20/2007... The past few days.

Laguna Beach: We stopped off to get frozen yogurt, then we took a walk around the top part of the beach. Took some photos.

Laguna Dog Park: We picked up coffee and a danish before, ate the danish in the car, then went in to hang out with the dogs for a bit. Food is not permitted in the dog park.

Farmer's Market: I've never been to a farmers market that let you taste test the food. It was fun.

Venice Beach: Walked along the boardwalk. Stopped for lunch. Bought a hoody. The melting pot of people there is oddly interesting.


Huntington Dog Beach: Walked the length of the dog beach and hung out. Bought a hoody, and a baseball cap. It was an overcast day. Temperature was around 69F a little windy.

After that we dropped off the dogs at home, then headed over to Ervine. Where it was sunny and around 75F. We had a snack and some beers at the Yard House, then we walked through the outside mall to the theatre to see Shrek 3. We headed back home and sat around till we headed out for dinner at this restaurant with Jazz music, "Partners Bistro". The dinner was wonderful. Desert was sinful. To finish off the night we had 20 year old port. The jazz band playing was "Hollywood Comb Overs".


Took a trip to San Juan Capistrano to take a self guided tour of the mission. Afterwords we stopped off across the street at Senor Pedro's Tacos for a bite to eat.