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Rendering something new...

Time estimated for current render... 7 + hours on my iBook 1.33GHz G4 with 512MB built in. More memory would make it faster, but itís rendering 1280 x whatever standard size. Back to having a beer, dinner, and listening to ďBad BrainsĒ.

Currently in Amawalk, NY housesitting.

Edit: Well, the render would have been good, but couldn't save it. I've run into a bug with Bryce3D 5.01. It no longer will save my work. Not in any size. I hear it's a bug with the newest version of Tiger. Grrrrrr... There is a newer version 5.5 out, but they want $99 for it. And I can't tell if it fixes the Tiger issue of saving. Why should I have to pay for .5 version? That's just wrong. Upgrades should be free until the next new version comes out.