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Darcie our calico cat that sounds like a Cougar... aka Dar-Cougen (nickname)

We took her to the veterinarian today. Her limp just got a bit worse today, and we just couldnít bare watching her limp around anymore. It tore at us. It was sad.

The doctor says she canít feel anything wrong with her leg either, but she did find that one of her nipples was swollen, and a little discharge was around the nipple. Could be sheís limping because she has a REALLY sore nipple, and her front leg is rubbing that area when she walks (etc). She is on antibiotics twice daily for a week, and warm compresses have to be applied to her nipple at least once daily. Iím going to try for at least two daily for the compresses.

Bad news... If the nipple doesnít go down, or if it goes down, but comes back after two weeks... We will have to schedule her for surgery to have it removed. This bill is roughly $600+. This makes me VERY anxious, and sad.

I hope this goes away permanently.