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My iBook is back...

From Apple repair. New drive installed, and I'm disappointed that they didn't do what they said they were going to do. They installed Jaguar back on my iBook. When they specifically said that Tiger would be installed instead, since I already own it. They replaced the other drive with an IBM model.

I wiped and reinstalled Tiger OS. The new IBM drive is periodically making a HECK of a lot of noise (the same damn clicking the other drive made, except louder) through the install. The machine will not boot, and I'm getting the same issues I was having with the previous bad drive.

As I said before... Apple Repair is problematic.


1. Innitial repair... It was sent in to have the power managment replaced/fixed. It was dead as a door nail. No boot. $300+ repair cost for that. Fine.

2. I get it back... Missing my battery, and a huge scratch on the inside of the bottom of the laptop case. It goes back in for repair to replace the bottom of the case, and for a new battery.

3. I get it back again... Apple replaced my working drive (the Toshiba) when last sent in when it didn't need to be replaced. The rapair? Replace the bottom of the case they badly scratched. That was it, but somehow my good hard drive gets replaced.

4. I send it back in to have this lemon (Toshiba) drive replaced. I get it back today.. What do I get? Another lemon drive (IBM) this time. Doing the same thing the previous lemon drive did. Here is the sound it makes. Yummy, aye? OS will not boot.

Apple Tech classifies my laptop as a looper. A looper? It is Apple Tech's unofficial term for a machine that constantly comes back in for repairs. The fault of Apple Repair, really. I kept getting botched repairs. That being said... Now waiting on papers to come in the mail to sign/fill out for an exchange. They are sending me (supposedly) a new laptop after I send this bad lemon back. This total process is going to take like three weeks. I just hope the time is shorter, because I miss my iBook.

Edit: Will give updates as this progresses.