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October 31, 2005

My Creepy Mask...

57605503_734d0848f6.jpg The Yellow Kittens Halloween party. 10/29/2005. This is a picture of me, and I took it myself.

October 29, 2005

Block Island, R.I. - Ferry

The ocean swells were big on the way over, but the lighting and mood were set for photography. This is just a tease. There are more photos to come. Some need slight editting. I'll put those up as soon as I get access to the B.I. Free Library.

October 26, 2005

Block Island, RI

Darcie vomitted on the way up to Point Judith. Car sick/Motion sickness. We pulled over, and cleaned it up, and cleaned her up.

On B.I. now. The ferry trip was a bit rough. The swells were HUGE. I almost puked (motion sickness), and the cats both got sea sick. Both crates had to be cleaned. I had to bathe my girly (14 year old Calico) when we got here, because she got it ALL OVER HER. She had a nice warm bath, and we kicked up the heat to make sure it was super warm in the bathroom when her bath was done. She's happy, clean, and warm. Napping on the bed.

I took pictures on the way. Wooo. Black & white, and color.

I'm dead tired. I haven't slept in 24 hours, plus the motion sickness has worn me down.

Ran out earlier to pick up milk and a few items for cooking. In a bit I'm heading to Club Soda for a few beers, and a big chicken caesar salad. For desert... There is homemade chocolate cream pie that we picked up from the Block Island Depot. You know I'm going to have a BIG piece of it.

7 p.m. or so...

Now home for the evening. Really tired, and awaiting chocolate cream pie. Mmmm... *drools* And all comfy in my flannel jammies. I can't wait to go to bed.

October 24, 2005

My Halloween Costume

I bought a blue jumper, a creepy man mask, a fake knife, and some really good costume blood. I'm going to spatter the blood with a paint brush when I get there on B.I. for the Halloween party. I need to bloody up the knife also, along with spattering of the mask. After all... I'm going as a psychotic killer. I'll post some pictures of my costume when they are taken after completion.

October 23, 2005

The Barnes Foundation

We drove up to The Barnes Foundation today for a walk through the gallery. To go through the entire gallery it will take you approximatelly three hours, give or take. I have to say it was a wonderful, quiet time out for us. I truly enjoyed it.

Some artist links that I liked:

My Favorites:
Van Gogh

October 22, 2005

Block Island, RI

Will be heading there from October 26th through November 7th, give or take. Will take pictures, and whatnot. Might stop in N.Y. on the way back to take pictures of the N.Y. Marathon. For you family and friends you can reach me by my cell phone. Don't be shy about calling. I don't bite. I swear. I'll also have access to email, and of course I'll be blogging while there. ;)

October 21, 2005

Kitten Huffing?

Ummm ... http://uncyclopedia.org/wiki/Kitten_huffing "The orange ones f*ck you up REAL good"

Edit: Oops! I mucked the URL. Fixed now!


bushFUPmars716681.jpeg For those of you that don't find this funny... I'm selling a sense of humour for $1.00.. Just make a donation to the blog, and you will instantly get one. ;)

October 20, 2005

Movable Type3.2 and MTCloseComments Plugin

For some reason, because I used a previous version of Close Comments on my blog it caches the older template. A pre-warning for you peeps that are updating. Right now I have it disabled until I can go in and figure out what files are old and cached.

New Foamy...


October 19, 2005

My OS X Desktop...

MyDesktopOSX101905.png My new Bryce design looks good on my OS X iBook... Mmmm... I love blue...


You scored as Spike. You are the strait up you knew what I was type what did you expect. There maybey some surprise personality quirks you have. You try to control your emotions and sometimes fight so hard to deny them but when you do give into them you go all the way for what you want.











Deacon Frost










Whose your Vampire personality? (images)
created with QuizFarm.com

October 18, 2005

Movabletype 3.2 Issue Today...

For some reason it reverted back to my old template. Ummm... Has anyone else experienced this? All I did was post an entry last night. That was it. So, how did it rebuild the entire blog with the old template that doesn't even work with this version of movabletype?

October 17, 2005

Americas Army 2.5

Ok. I'm greatly disappointed with this version.

1) How can you guys release a final without beta testing it first?
2) It's full of bugs. From going back and forth from F1, F2, F3, and console.
3) It lags SO bad.
4) The G on alpha team on pipeline has a bug. It won't fire, then you drop it, then pick it up. Then it fires right.
5) There is much MUCH more that I haven't even mentioned here.


October 16, 2005

Just Blue...

101605c400x.jpg A new Bryce creation of mine. I'm not sure it's complete. I might add something more in Photoshop. We'll see.

My Gallery

Questionable Content...



October 13, 2005

It was that time...

Yep! The blog is updated to MovableType 3.2. So, there! :P

Darcie - "Too Sexy"

IMG_0096.jpg IMG_0098.jpg

IMG_0099.jpg IMG_0100.jpg

200GB iPod Nano?

How to modify the iPod nano for 200GB of storage. *lol*

WARNING - It's a HUGE IDE drive. *haha* Not impressive, but still cool.

via Slashdot

Arrow - "General Puddy"

Operation - "Never leave a man behind!"


Our attempt at rescuing General Puddy from the evil Neuter-Nazis has been successful. However, his 'guys' have fallen in battle. We now have a brief moment of silence for his fallen comrades.

[all silent]

Ok! General Puddy is now recuperating in the lap(s) of his allies, and is doing well. He will return to 'Fort Bag' after napping to taking over the world when he wakes.

October 12, 2005


Arrow went in for his 'snipping' today. He is out of surgery and doing fine. They are holding him overnight, and we are going to take him some food for later this evening. We will pick him up early tomorrow morning.

For now... Some cute pics taken recently of him snuggling with Mr. Moose.

IMG_0045.jpg IMG_0046.jpg

October 8, 2005

The Franklin Institute

I have pictures of this recent trip from one of the new exhibits. Enjoy! :D

Edit: Sorry! They are on my photoblog there in the link list under "My Stuff".



October 5, 2005

My fever broke...

Yah! I'm no longer contagious. Woo! I'm feeling a bit better today. Body aches aren't as bad. I'm still feeling congested, run down, and lack of appetite. Strange I didn't get nauseated though. So, this might not be the flu? Anyway...

October 4, 2005

I have the flu...

OMG, the body aching. I'm not completely nauseated though. Not yet. I hope that does't happen.

October 2, 2005

Arrow, Bag Play GG

Arrow, is playing in his bag with his green guy (bird).

Arrow, Converted Muslim?

Praise Allah! Now fetch me my dinner, huMAN!

Comcast Cable NHL Channel?

Does anyone notice the problem with this message?

October 1, 2005



Little Gamers100105.jpeg