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Ugh? Tuesdays?

yellowflowers2.jpg I woke up from a night of nightmares and freaky dreams - Each time waking up with my head pounding for some reason.

I went for a walk today with my camera and an old OM2 film camera. We haven?t shot any film with it yet, and it needs to be tested. However, the automatic setting we think is broken. So, I just took my Canon A85 with me for any automatic pictures. I?ve taken 5 black and whites with the OM2 (on a 24 roll). When shooting with film I?m a little more selective with the shots. Plus I purchased this black and white film that is not the standard black and white film. It seems to be processed like the color photographs now. I wonder if it will be just as inexpensive as developing color now? And I wonder if it will be processed in an hour like the color film? Hmmm? Won?t know till I finish the roll and take it in.

When I got back I plugged in my camera and the Canon Browser application no longer works. Not compatible with Tiger OS. Ugh! So, I fire up the ?Image Capture? utility to change the application default to iPhoto. Done. Photos are imported. The one thing I hate about iPhoto is that you can?t have more than one location for your photos (without using some third party application), and you can?t have more than one Library loaded. I want the ability (APPLE?) to have MANY libraries loaded without having to mix all my photographs into one. I also design graphics, so this ability would really be pleasing.

Today... I also cut up some fresh pineapple, strawberries, and kiwi to throw together with some Non Fat Cottage Cheese. It was damn scrumptious, and healthy.