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We are on Block Island. Resting now. Really tired the both of us. About 12 hours in the car, and we arrived on BI around 6 p.m. We went out to Club Soda for a few beers, and a big salad. Now back at the parents resting upstairs with Arrow. He handled the car trip surprisingly well for a kitten at his age. He required one of us to hold him through the trip. Either in arms, or in his little kitty bed. He didn't like being alone in his carrier. While in arms he was quiet, and content. If he needed to use the litter box he informed us by scratching the bottom of his carrier when in there. Now, I'm off to bed. I just can't stay awake any longer.

For some reason I can not reach any other domains other than mine while here. Another puzzle we'll have to figure out tomorrow when clear headed.