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Saturday... The 21st

Woke up a bit late today. I was SO tired. Spent most of the day so far playing and interacting with Arrow. He seems to require it for now. Went a bit ago and picked up some extra items from the grocery store. For dessert... Blueberry pie, and a pumpkin pie for my Birthday tomorrow. Mmmmm... PIE!

I had a couple of bad DNS servers in my DNS setup, so this is fixed now. I can get anywhere now, although it's REALLY damn slow. While at the house I'll be on dialup. So, I won't be online for too long. Just long enough to check my email, and do my Admin work. Can't keep the phone line tied up. Oh, how I loathe being on a dialup modem. :( I'm hoping that we can pop into the Public Library for a bit sometime while here.

It's been overcast here on Block Island, and chilly.