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My Birthday Today

I woke up and opened up my Birthday presents from C. and P. C, gave me a beginners Estes Rocket Kit. It came with the Astron Outlaw (Blasts 600 FT high - 183 m), and the Black Diamond (Blasts 1400 FT high - 427 m). P, gave me an AGM-57X Heatseeker Rocket, and a SHIT load of engines. It goes up to 800 FT (244 m). I'm going to take some pictures after building them to put up here. Thank You!!!! :D

I'm in the process of building the Astron Outlaw today, and will be finished today. It will be my first launch hopefully sometime this week. Yah!

I had some homemade baked potato soup a bit ago. And we are going out for drinks soon. While out we will order out from Eli's. I pretty good restaurant on the island. Mmmm... And bring it back here to munch down.