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Errands, and Photography

Went out to get some red wine for dinner, and grocery shopping. Before doing that though we trucked over to Starbucks for some yummy coffee. Makes having to run through the grocery store on the weekend some what tolerable.

After that...

I went for a walk with the cameras. I took my Canon A85, and the OM-2n to finish off the roll. The roll is finished now, and it's waiting to be dropped off at the local photo place. Maybe I'll drop that off this weekend or early in the week. I have a few color photographs on my Canon that I downloaded that came out rather well. The bee shots we pretty hard to get though. They were VERY active. Meaning they would not sit for too long. I THINK I got a good shot in black and white, but won't be able to tell till it's developed.

I'll have my Canon digital photos up when they are edited.

Update: The photographs from my walk are up on my Photoblog.