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Block Island, The 30th

We launched my Rockets today with the kids. Wife-y recorded the launches for me. The kids were there, and I let them do the launches and recovery. I just readied them for launch. The "Heatseeker" fell apart in flight. It came down in two pieces. I was concerned about this putting it together. I knew I should've replaced the questionable part in the beginning. This particular Estes rocket comes with a basic material flaw. The shock cord. This rocket comes with an elastic shock cord. Not good for heat. It catches fire and burns. I'm going to replace this upon getting home with a rubber band. They are more resistant to heat. Proof of concept is the "Outlaw". It has a rubber band as a shock cord.

We had good launches with the "Outlaw". It's had five launches with light damage to the parachute so far. Not enough to effect it's flight down. Easily repairable. Estes rockets come with plastic parachutes, so they are cheap to replace if need be.

Oh, there was A LOT of wind. I had to angle it to a point where I was worried about it hitting another house. I moved it another five feet to my left. It worked. And drifted back onto the launch field. :D The kids enjoyed it, but I think I enjoyed it MORE.

Mom and Dad have left to the ferry to head back to N.Y. One of the children stayed with us. The older boy G. Everyone else headed to the beach for a bit. After that it's to Club Soda for snacks, video games, and drinks. Yah!

Our ferry is planned for Wednesday, but we might try to catch one of the Tuesday ferries. The Tuesday leaving is iffy.