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Block Island, The 29th

Today we biked from home into town to Rebecca's. A nice little take out place. They have great tuna steak sandwiches, and great BBQ chicken sandwiches. After eating we biked over to Scotch Beach to meet the rest of the family. We hung out there for a quite a while. I let my little nephew do flips off my legs. *chuckles* He kept doing it till I was SO tired. Aunt Kayetie called for a Time Out. After hanging out for a bit we headed back home on the bikes stopping along the way to take pictures, and rest. Lots of hills here, and they can give your legs a nice burn. After dinner, a beer, a few glasses of wine, and ice cream - I'm ready for bed now. Play a bit with Arrow, and read till I fall asleep. It's raining now (lightning and thunder). I haven't been online for a while now. I'm kind of feeling like a junky wanting a fix.