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Block Island, The 27th

I woke up around 6 a.m. from a horrible nightmare about wife-y. Errr. It was bad. I rolled over to snuggle up with wife-y to feel some comfort after it. She wound up saying in her sleep (Her also dreaming of being terrorized by kitten in her sleep), "Stop shaking the bed! Get lost!" Arrow the kitten gave us a ruff night. More her though. Ugh. I just got up and grabbed my book and read on the floor for a bit with the kitten curled up in my lap.

Today turned out to be a sunny day after such horrid weather. I actually got a bit of sun burn on my face today when we walked up to the shore with the kids. It was quite enjoyable. I finished off my black and white roll of Tri-X film, so that is sitting in my bag for when I return to PA for developing.

Earlier in the evening a wonderful dinner was made by the family. After was the birthday cake. Everyone sang Happy Birthday to me, and I blew out the candles. With ice cream also. Gifts followed, and I had a wonderful evening.

There was a bit of rain, thunder, and lightning this evening. But it seems to have cleared.