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Block Island, The 26th

The storm last night was hellish. The bedrooms upstairs swayed and vibrated in the 50 mile an hour gusts of wind. It was disturbing. I've been through hurricane Andrew, so this was a bit odd for me. It made me nervous. So, I read my book and listened to music on my iPod. I also watched a bit of the Sponge Bob Squarepants movie, then turned the light off and went to sleep. I'm glad that storm is over.

Today the family arrives after 7 p.m. Most likely 8 p.m. if they catch the 7 p.m. ferry. We went for a walk today up to the beach near the house off of S.W. Point. I took both cameras. Took my Canon A85 (with Telephoto lens) for any color automatic shots, and my OM2-n for any black and white film shots. I'm almost done with the Tri-X black and white roll. When I get back to PA I can send these out to get them developed. This will take a week though, so I will try to drop them off the following day after returning. It will be interested to see the black and white photographs. Supposedly the Tri-X has better contrast, but the automatic/color black and white has a deeper black. I can't wait to compare the photographs from each roll.