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Recent Search Phrases

Search phrases that were used on my site. Some funny, some are just lame.

vaginal photography?

-- This is not a porno site, and it never will be.

making a television antenna at home?

-- Please go buy one. Otherwise get a metal coat hanger and some foil, and use your imagination.

site:cerebraldump.com a big dump of poop?

-- Does your Mommy know you are on the net unattended?!

pictures training pants?

-- This is not a sissy site with pictures.

wifey movies?

-- I will NEVER put up movies of my wifey and I. Go away you perv!

why do computers freezes up at game sites?

-- Cause your computer can?t load the huge pages. Cause you are having issues loading java, or java script, and or flash material. Or you have some active X issues. Probably.

plac on lungs?

-- You must be from an insurance agency looking for statistics for the causes and effects of smoking?! You are not going to find that stuff here. Try phoning the surgeon general.


MM. Vaginal photography.


haha.can't help laughing!