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CSS Style

Yes. I updated my CSS style again. Sorry, but I look at this thing more than anyone. *chuckles* I think it looks fresh and clean. Enjoy. Let me know if run into any issues.


it's a big surprise for me when coming here today after long time have not been here,i thought i must go into another guy's blog website happenly.anyway,i like it.

Hello, Lisa! :) Nope still the same old me. *smiles* Nice to have you back.

Oh, and I'm actually a girl. :)

are you serious?! i can't believe this!

Yes. I'm serious.

i am puzzled.who was he standing in the snow the other day you pasted?

That was my housemate (he was in the red jacket). The other that was pasted was of me in a black arctic jacket.

then how come you said you are a girl?

Because I am female. At no time did I say that I was male. Maybe we are having a language barrier, or something.