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January 31, 2005


A couple of new ones...

013003 013105

(Please, do not link directly to my images. Instead, please use http://cerebraldump.com ... Thanks.)

What A Day

Wound up going to see a movie today, "Hide And Seek". The way it was advertised totally throws you off from what the real premise is for the movie. Not saying anything more. Go see it and form your own opinion about it.

On another note... I will no longer be putting up graphics, or pictures on The Cerebral Dump. All pictures will be thrown up on my Photoblog, which is on my home cable network. All 2D & 3D graphics will be served from there also, unless I upload them to my deviantart page. All is linked above. Sorry, have to start cutting down on bandwidth usage since my traffic has gone up. Graphics can be a bit of a bandwidth hog.

January 30, 2005


A little dwarf lady goes into her doctor's office complaining of an irritated crotch.

After an examination the doctor sighs, "I don't seem to see any problem. Does it get better or worse at any time?"

"Yeah, it's really bad whenever it rains," she replies.

"Well, then," says the Doc, "Next time it rains, get in here at once, and we'll take another look at it."

Two weeks later it?s raining really hard and the little lady shows up at the doctor's office. "Doctor, it's really bad today. Please you have to help me!!"

"Well, let's have a look," he says as he lifts her up onto the table.

"Oh, yes, I think I see the problem. Nurse bring me a surgical kit. Don't worry ma'am this won't hurt a bit."

The dwarf lady closes her eyes in painful anticipation. The doctor begins snipping away and finishes a few minutes later. "There you go, ma'am, try that."

She walks back and forth around the office and exclaims, "That's great, Doc, what did you do?!"

To which the doctor replied, "I just took a couple of inches off the top of your rain boots."


(click to enlarge)

Who knew that such a delicious, mouth watering fruit would be so disgusting to clean and deseed? We had this late last night around midnight as a late night snack. We couldn't wait for breakfast. *chuckles*

For breakfast today I made french toast. It was yummers!

January 29, 2005

Terragen Scenes

012505a.jpg 012405c.jpg
(click to enlarge)

January 28, 2005

Wifey's B-Day...

Today is wifey's b-day... I took her to her favorite Japanese restaurant for lunch. A bit pricey, but the food presentation is five stars. The food is GREAT. We were suppose to go to a movie also, but my plans got screwed up with a business call. Oof! So, the movie will have to wait till Monday. However, we are having dinner shortly, and dessert is going to be a wonderful Triple Moose Torte with "Happy Birthday C" on it. *chuckles* Personally, I can't wait for the dessert. But before dessert we have to sing the lame Birthday song. *hehe*

Update: Well, the cake pretty much melted from the cooking from the stove this eveing. And I'm still teary eyed from it. I'm sad that the cake melted. *sobs* Whenever I look at it I get all teary eyed. Oy! At least it tasted good. *sobs more* God damnit! My B-day Plans for wifey were ruined. The only thing that will make me sane is sleep. I'm tired. *sighs*

Update2: It was one calamity after another, but Wifey said she had a wonderful time. She appreciated my effort put forth.

January 27, 2005


You're most like Clarice! A reluctant monogamist, most of her passion is reserved for political causes. She works as an environmental lawyer, and is married and civil unioned to Toni. They

You're most like Clarice, crusader for justice and
reluctant monogamist.

Which Dyke of 'Dykes To Watch Out For' are you most like? (beta version)
brought to you by Quizilla

My Favorite OSX MP3 Player

Audion 3 for OSX

Misty Walk On The Beach

Misty Walk (1280x960, click to enlarge)

Anyone wanna go for a walk?! *smiles*

I Have Coulrophobia

Yes, I have Coulrophobia. Coulrophobia refers to an abnormal and persistent fear of clowns. I had no idea though that it was a valid phobia. I feel so icky. And it's not even REMOTELY funny.


Someone from an MSN email account sent me a 0kb control panel file extension?! The file name is "guupd02.cpl". I scanned it with Clam AntiVirus, Virex, and Norton AntiVirus. It came up clean. I'm hoping this was a mistake of some sort, or just garbage generated from someone's infected machine.

January 26, 2005

I Feel Like A Wounded Animal

Oy! My shoulders and neck are killing me. They started hurting really bad late last night before going to bed. Today the pain is not as bad, but it still makes me whimper. It's bad enough that I can't tell if it's muscular or skeletal. BUT... I do think it might be muscular, and stress.

Update: Well, my shoulder and neck are a bit better now. I really think I irritated it lifting a large jug of kerosine down the stairs to the basement. I swung it into place like an a**. Guess that will teach me to be more careful.

My Motorola V551, Ring Tone

*chuckles* I added "GIR's Doom Song" to my ring tones on my phone. Whenever someone calls me now I have it set to play. Oh, how lame of me. I'm sure I will get tired of hearing it sooner or later.

OSX Security Update

Security Update: Security Update 2005-001

January 25, 2005


Oy! I had to do a little maintenance on my Malebolgia action figure from Spawn. When you push one of his spines he does this really good evil laugh. It's my favorite out of the figures I have. He sits next to my desk. Anyway, I had to take his back apart to replace the batteries today. He took three AG13's.

Oh, and I purchased the DVD of "Ghost in the Shell - Innocence". It was good, so I had to buy the DVD. *chuckles* I love GOOD Anime.

January 24, 2005

It's Snowing Again

IMG_0147.jpgWe were suppose to only have a 30% chance of snow this evening. While I was walking with my camera it started snowing again. Have the weather forecasters even been right?! Hmmm... No! Looks like another foot or so is coming down.

User Friendly

User Friendly.jpeg Click Graphic To Enlarge!

User Friendly

January 23, 2005


Broom Hilda.jpeg

Broom Hilda


The storm has ended, and it's a bright sunny day. I'm off to shovel out the cars, and maybe head to Best Buy to get a case/clip for my new cell phone. MSN seems to be down today for IM. It's unreal that they can't keep this running. It goes down more than any other IM service.

Update: All dug out, but I'm damn tired. I even shoveled a little bit behind the neighbors car so they could get out. I'm so nice. I'm beat *sighs*. Now to have some warming soup, and then head out to pick up a case/clip for my phone.

Update2: I got my phone case/clip. And of course I had to make it shamefull by buying a wireless mouse/keyboard (Model No: 1008, 1027, 1012).

January 22, 2005

Snow Storm, 1/22 Vids

Here is the little snow plow guy. And a few people on the road. You need DivX plugin to watch these files! The pictures will be displayed on my photoblog soon. I'm going to send a few this evening to NBC.

DivX Plugin Video.
3ivx Plugin Sound & Video.
(These are the two main plugins I have installed on my machines.)

Update: P... Oh, how gay. *LOL* And me doing a stupid, dorky, foot shuffle. In the shuffle of me you should hear me, if you don't then you need need to download it to disk, or get the 3ivx plugin.

Snow Storm, 1/22

We were suppose to go out for breakfast with a friend of ours, but ummm, he went to bed late and woke up late. So, that was a no go. Went out anyway to get some coffee and a snack.

IMG_2505.jpg IMG_2507.jpg

This is the start of the storm. It's suppose to be getting worse by 3 PM today. I'm going to try and grab the tripod and take some picks when it gets heavier. I'm sitting in the living room watching it, and it's getting heavier by the hour. The current temp is 11?F (-12?C).

Update: I have 40 pictures, and 3 videos. I have to resize, and convert the video to DivX. I'll try and throw a few up this evening. There is LOTS of snow to play in! :P

Update2: Pictures of me, taken by C.

me012205a.jpg me012205b.jpg me012205c.jpg

January 21, 2005

More Snow?!

Suppose to be getting much more snow. Oy...


noaa.gov warning

January 20, 2005

Motorola V551

7444_MotImage.jpg I just got my Motorola V551 delivered today, and it's all charged. Mmmm... I can't wait to sit and dig into it. *drools*

Update: I had to purchase a third party application called Onsync to sync my address book on my MAC to my new phone. iSync (from Apple) doesn't recognise the newer phones. Hmmmm... Please, Apple, get your shit together!

Things still to do... Setup my voice mail.

Update2: Voice mail setup complete. :D

January 19, 2005


Best dance/trance/rave/etc ... You get the F'ing POINT, station on the net. You can hook this up with iTunes, or winamp. Enjoy.

DOOPZ!!!! DOOPY!!!! *hoogs* Shouts to FNET, #lesbian. *huge smile*

I listen to this periodically. Oy, it makes me want to get up and dance. For you that do not listen to club related music, please refrain from listening. LOL Unless of course you ARE open minded.


Sunset, 1/19


You know, I have NO idea where I'm going. I just need to get this stuff out of my system. And I'm not entirely sure it's good. *shrugs*

It's Snowing! :D

011905a.jpg 011905b.jpg

Yahhhh, it's snowing! Finally. I was SO sick of the rain. I used my waterproof case for my Canon A85. I have to say, it was awesome. I love the case. Both pictures were taken without a flash.

Bill Gates, Teen Beat?!

There is this rumor going around concerning specific photographs being distributed of Bill Gates doing a spread for Tean Beat Magazine. These are false. These photos were taken by Deborah Feingold/CORBIS. The date the photographs were taken, 1985. These photographs are of, "Bill Gates, CEO of Microsoft, throws a Windows 1.0 floppy disk in his office soon after the product's release", per the caption of the photograph on Corbis.

post-59416-1105987532.jpg post-59416-1105987549.jpg

OMG! Don't you guys have something better to do besides write bullshit?!

January 18, 2005

A Night Scene


I uploaded this over Remote Desktop on my MAC from my PC. Wee!

Hmmm.. Now I wish Remote Desktop would fetch my DS for me from the basement. LOL

No Basement For Me Today

It's just too damn cold down there even with the kero-heater on. The cold just seeps through the brick wall down there. I will be working upstairs today on my iBook, and using remote desktop to connect in to my PC to use Terragen. It's kind of cool to do that. I'm such a geek.

For lunch... Grilled cheese sam'miches with chunky chicken soup. Mmmm... Something warming, and soothing to eat. Always yummy on a cold day. I should get started on that.

Update: Lunch was great. It was yummy!

Talked to family for a bit on the phone too.

January 17, 2005


Apparently it's Martin Luther King Day, and no one is working here. Just me. *chuckles* My Admin work is done for the day. I did what 'needed' to be done. After all, it is a holiday.

I slept Ok. I guess.

I've got NPR news on my FM/PC radio.

I need more coffee.

We had a short period of snow flurries today. It was pretty while it lasted. It feels odd with it being cold with no snow. It's just wrong.

I need to go get my Brooks Brothers dress pants tailored. They are a bit too long. I might just exchange them for a different style, as the ones I have now are a bit too feminine for me. However, I still like them. They have a nice feel to them. The problem is I have to drive pretty far to get this done. I'm dreading it a bit, because this mall is usually really packed with people. Too many people for me in one place. Every time I go to this mall I feel like a sardine.

Goes back to listening to NPR, and designing.

Update: I had P's spicey chilli (could be hotter) over rice with jalapenos. MMmmm... It made it perfect. *huge smile*

Update2: Tonight it's suppose to be bitterly cold according to weather.gov. Hmmm... So, for you ladies that means, if you venture outside your nipples will be hard enough to cut glass. I'm staying in.

January 16, 2005


You are .inf You are informative.  When you are gone you make life very difficult for others.
Which File Extension are You?

Sinus Troubles

My sinuses are acting up today. I took some antihistamine, and it's helping. It's wiping me out though. I hate feeling this confused, and tired.

Sunday, 1/16

011505b.jpg :P

Ok, I took the above graphic and added my own (yes, I made the planet in photoshop) planet to the graphic right hand corner. It looks a little more complete.

011505bplnt.jpg :D

January 15, 2005

Michael Jackson Called Us Today!

LMAO... I have no idea who this was, but they actually left the message on our machine. The call was blocked from caller ID. haha

Michael Jackson Calling


I can't seem to game for shit tonight. I quit! :P

January 14, 2005

Frustration, With Two

I am working on two different scenes at the same time. I get just too frustrated working one at a time due to render times. On my iBook I'm rendering the "Big Sun 1" scene. There are things about it that are bothering me visually. I'm not happy with the gradient of the sky, the reflection on the water, and flattness of the water.

On my PC I'm rendering a beach scene. Still fighting with the surf on the shore.

I'm not sure if this is a limitation of the software, or a limitation of the artist. Probably a little of both, admittedly.

Big Sun 1


Hmmm... Needs a little something more. This was done in Terragen.

Update: Umm... Well I added a galaxy. Grrrr! It's lame.


January 13, 2005

For Those Of You...

Who visit my weblog... This is me smiling... And just so there is no doubt... I SEE YOU! Ahhhhh!



I'm not happy with the shoreline yet. It still needs work.

January 12, 2005


Now I'm listening to "Everything But The Girl" and delving into Terragen.

Mario 64 DS

Wee! 15 stars... :D

Bad Dreams, And Ass Dragging

I had bad dreams that I woke up from three times. All three different. I laid in bed staring into space before wifey coaxed me out of bed. I would have preferred to just stay in bed, and read. *LOL* Ehhh, who wouldn't? Blah. Working, working now, and rendering some Terragen environments. I have to write my Father an email after I get this work done, and phone Mom for her Birthday today. See how things are going for her.

January 11, 2005

Good Food, Good Coffee

Stopped off at Starbucks to get a caramel machiato, my favorite. Mmmm... Then stopped at the beer store to pick up some beer for P (He's home for the day, not feeling good). We then hopped over to the "Jumbo Sushi House". I let C. go in to pick up the food. The Japanese cook there loves the blonde hair and blue eyes *chuckles*. She always comes out smiling, and a bit flattered. Anyhoo, I wound up getting this chicken appetizer that had green beans, broccoli, and carrots. And I ordered some Cucumber and Asparagus rolls, and a side order of Miso Soup. Of course I used tons of Wasabi in my sauce for the rolls. Spicey! OMG, I'm so full. There is nothing like good food.

January 10, 2005

Blog Comments

This is now disabled due to the comment spammers. Thank you to all the blog spammers out there. May you catch horrid STD's that make your genitals fall off.

*goes back to listening to Massive Attack*

Update: This has been turned back on after an update.


My insulting name is Klanlover Bumfluffmonkeywhore!
What's yours?


Jeez... I must be bored or something.

January 9, 2005


Two A good album. I'm listening to them right now.

Unsecured WebCams?!?!?

Search google for the below... It's unbelievable. I actually was watching someone for a bit when they realized I was watching, then either secured it or turned it off. *LOL* Poeple password your shit, if you don't want strangers watching you!


*throws on my "Seether - Disclaimer II" album* I like the whole album, but my favorite songs are; "Gasoline" ... "Fine Again" ... "Broken" ... "Driven Under"

Killswitch Engage

Ok. I've listened to their current album "Killswitch Engage". At this point in my life it's a bit too 'hard' for me to listen to all the time. I use to love thrash, but at thirtytwo it's not going on my iPod. It will just be an intermittent listen when I'm in the mood for it. *shrugs*

Brother Called...

Concerning the parents. I'm really bummed out now. I thought I was going to have a decent Sunday. Oh well.

Apathy... Apathy... Where art thou?

Another Work Day

Sitting here at my desk in the basement sipping coffee, and listening to all my "Bush" Albums on my iPod while working. If you don't know who they are you can sample them on iTunes.

I need more coffee...

January 8, 2005

Bennigans... Not-Again-s...

A summary...

But FIRST... We went to Ruby Tuesdays. It was a fourtyfive minute wait. We said, "screw that mess", and went to Bennigans. OMG! What a freaking nightmare. We got there and asked how long the wait will be. Host says, "twentyfive minutes". We shrug and say, "Ok". We then head to the bar to order drinks, and wait to be seated. After twentyfive minutes has passed (and then some) they call us to be seated. We sit. The waiter comes over and asks us if we would like to order drinks and an appetizer. We say, "yes". The second order of drinks arrive, then the appetizers show up shortly after. We finish the appetizers, and it's now been an HOUR since we placed the order for the main meal. We ask the waiter to check on the meal. He comes back minutes later, "I'm sorry but the cook lost your check". We look at one another. P. says to the waiter, "I would like to speak to the manager please". Waiter says, "I'll get him". Minutes later the waiter comes back and says, "I'm sorry, but the manager will be a few minutes". We wait... And we wait... And yes, we wait longer. Waiter returns again and says, "I'm sorry, the manager will be right out with your food". P. says, "Uh huh, Why don't you take me to see your manager", grabbing the waiter by the sleeve (softly), and they head off. It reminded me of some movie line, "Take me to your leader". P. comes back... "I talked to the manager, and he's 'taken care' of the bill". I have to say, it was shitty service.

My First GarageBand Creation

LOL ... Yeah, Yeah! I know, I shouldn't quit my day job. It's 30 seconds long.
I'm no DJ, and I was just screwing around in GarageBand. *shrugs* ahhhh.mp3

I Hate The Rain...

Again, more rain. I'm so tired of it. It's been raining off and on since the Fall. I have to say, it's rained more this year than any other of me living here. I'm about to snap. I've got the rainy day twitches. *twitch twitch*

Still drinking coffee.. Mmm...

I think there is something screwy going on with MSN today. Looks like blogging, and email till it's resolved on my end. *shakes in withdrawal*


*throws on some Godsmack*

January 7, 2005

Which Historical Lunatic Are You?

I'm Caligula!
Which Historical Lunatic Are You?
From the fecund loins of Rum and Monkey.

LMAO... Sick!

Take da'test. See how you come out.

The Sun Didn't Last Long

It got colder while I was walking, and the sun all but ran back into the sphincter in which it came from. Figures.

Helicopter for sale! That's right... 'THIS' lovely helicopter is for sale. Please send payment in US funds in the amount of $20 to my paypal donation link. *winks and chuckles* Then save the picture to disk.

Tsunami Scams?!

"FBI Warns Of Online Scams Associated With Tsunami Disaster

The FBI today warned that a variety of online scams asking users to
send money for the victims of the recent tsunami disaster have popped
up online in the past week.


In And Out...

Sitting waiting on incoming requests for work. Drinking coffee while waiting.

Went to the movie theater to see "White Noise". Ehhhh... It was Ok.

I had some small issue with static electricity and my track pad last night on my iBook. Rebooting didn't help. The fix? I slept the laptop, and woke it back up. The issue went away. Odd little bugger static electricity.

On the gross side:

Wifey had to tell me this on the way to the movie today about a BIG poop. My face got all distorted when she said it, so she laughed. *LOL* She said and I quote, "I was completely surprised at how full of shit I was". *stops there and just holds up my hands in a moment of silence* Why am I posting about this you ask? Why not?!

On a nicer note:

I am going for a walk today when wifey goes for her run. The sun is out, however it's still cold. *shrugs* I am grabbing my camera bag shortly and my iPod. *wiggles eyebrows* It's the first sunny day in a while. I plan on enjoying it.

Update: I'm up to 12 stars now on Mario 64 DS.

January 6, 2005

My Skin Crawls Today

Feeling icky in my own skin today. *shivers* I just don't feel comfortable at all. *Grrrr* I'm feeling a bit nutty.

Listening to "Seether - Broken".

On another note... I am now up to 8 stars on Mario 64 DS. I went today and purchased a DS protective case for it and my games. Now it's free from dust, and somewhat protected from droppage.

Also, C. purchased my Sennheiser headphones for me. They are sweet. I opted for the Sennheiser HD 212pro model instead.

January 5, 2005

Weather From "Suck" Again

Another rainy gloomy day. I am so tired of this weather. Where is the sun? And why hasn't it snowed significantly here yet? Oy.

On another note... My hips have been aching for the past couple of days. Not sure why, but most likely it's the way I'm sleeping. I took two Aleve today to see if it would help. It's helping, kind of.

I have to call my Step Dad today to see how he's doing, and if my Brother came by yet. Hopefully my Brother left some sort of contact information, but I doubt it.

I'm thinking about putting on my rain jacket, and putting my camera in it's waterproof case to take a walk in the rain. Of course I don't have any waterproof pants, but I do have a rain jacket. I'm going to get partially wet. Let's hope I don't wind up getting sick, if I do this. I mean, it is chilly outside.

Reminder To Self:

I need to add snow pants, and waterproof pants to my outdoor gear.

January 4, 2005

Winter Here...

The winter here is sucking so far. No snow. Just rain. It's been gloomy outside. Sometimes this part of Pennsylvania is like the Twilight Zone. It could be snowing everywhere around us, but not here. It sucks.

Tonight we rented "Troy" to watch from BlockBuster Video. That won't be till around 9 PM or so though. Will be surfing and listening to music till then, or playing DS.

We had black beans and rice for dinner with fresh onion, tomato, and shredded low fat cheese. Yummy it was.

I'm feeling restless...

January 3, 2005


It's Monday the fun day. *lol* I've finished my Administration work for the day, and I'm just waiting on incoming requests for account updates.

What I really want to do is take a walk with my camera and lenses. The sun hasn't been out all that much. No mist, no fog, no nothing that would make any photographs worthy of taking. It's sad.

My feeling that there was going to be a family melt down was right on the ball. Figures.

Ugh... Maybe I'll read for a bit. *shrugs*

Doing laundry like a good little love slave too.

Maybe I'll just go for a walk.

Update: Sent Mom an email, and talked to Step Dad on the phone. *just shakes my head* I'm having a beer and a Sancho Panza cigar.

Cable Went Out

Last night as I was sending out an email before heading upstairs for the night when the cable went out. It was out for most of the late evening. Comcast cable sucks in this area. They can only keep the line up for 6 months at a time before something happens that brings it down for at least an hour. Does ANYONE know what they are doing there at Comcast? I think not.

January 2, 2005

Mario 64 DS

I'm up to 5 stars right now. I have to quit for a bit. I have DS cramping. *LOL*

User Friendly


Tsunami Photos

Tsunami Photos via DigitalGlobe.com

January 1, 2005


Went to a dinner party at P's family's house. It was a lovely dinner, and for dessert we had yummy homemade chocolate chip & surgar cookies. A fun time was had by all.

Ringing In The New Year

I had a nice turkey dinner in the early evening. Then around 9:30 pm or so started whipping up some snacks to eat while waiting for that ball to drop. Finished off a bottle of red wine, and a bottle of champagne. By 1 am the room started spinning. Stayed up close to 3 am in the morning waiting for the effects of the 'drink' to wear off a bit.

Did I make any New Years resolutions. Umm. Just one. Never to make any further New Years resolutions again. They are pointless.

Oh, and I had stupid frustrating dreams to boot.