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Cat Cloning?!

Look. This is just unacceptable. If your cat (pet) dies, then it dies. Mourn and move on. There are other kittens that need homes. Seriously. I would NEVER clone a pet. EVER. Now I understand if you are trying to save a species, but for a loved domestic house pet?! It's just wrong on SO many levels. Death is a natural, and necessary part of life. The question of, "What if you have a child and just can't bring yourself to tell them and deal with it?!" OMG! Grown some nads, Ok. Children have to learn about death sometime. What other healthy way do children have to learn about death, and learn that it is natural and necessary? Who better to learn it from than a loved one. And that Death can NOT be undone, or avoided. Everything dies, and eventually 'you' will too.