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November 30, 2004

Woke up from a bad

Woke up from a bad dream this AM. Got up and finished backed up work from yesterday and did my work for today. Doing laundry, listening to music, and running utilities on my MAC. Might game later with my clan. We'll see.

Update: I selected a photograph for submission to a photography contest, but was unable to upload it. I kept getting an error to retry. I did it 20 times. No go. I'm sulking now. Not doing any clan gaming tonight. Just me myself, music, and a beer. I uploaded a sunset picture to my deviantart page. I have more sunsets to put up later.

November 29, 2004

Back From Ohio

Whew! Eight hours on the road and I'm beat. Blurry eyed. Just finished unpacking and now to do a bit of work. Sipping a Stella too. My laptop crashed upon opening GoLive to edit some html for a site. Ugh. My PC is taking forever to boot up. I have to look into that. I think I need a fresh install of XP. My F'ing drive light is pegged red! All from a clean shutdown?! WTF?

November 28, 2004

Lazy Sunday

So far it's been a lazy Sunday. I've done work and am sitting here blogging, reading, and drinking a beer. Mmmm... Beer! I've taken more pictures of my cat and have taken a few short videos of her. My brother showed up for a short visit seeing as it is our last day. He kind of wanted to say good bye.

Tomorrow is the eight hour drive back home to Pennsylvania. I kind of miss being chained in the basement.

November 27, 2004


I had an ok morning. After chatting with an online friend I got ready to go see the Grandparents. About an hour before leaving I came down with a migraine. Ugh. I took two painkillers and climbed back in bed for a few hours. Got up after a bit after 90% of the pain subsided. Called the Grandparents and we drove over to Dayton for a visit. They are doing just fine. Grandma has been suffering off and on with bladder infections. The antibiotics are horrid on her stomach though. Anyway, we went out to dinner and I paid. *smiles* I enjoyed that. I really missed them. We drove back to their house and hung out chatting for a bit more till 8:45 pm or so. By the time we got home it was 9 pm. Got changed into my flannel jammies and am sitting here zoning out watching Dragon Ball GT & Rurouni Kenshin & Futurama in bed, and blogging. Feeling tired and warn out from the migraine and interacting.

November 26, 2004


Here at the parents today. Earlier the wife went running, and after ten minutes I met her up at the park. She ran and I walked around taking pictures. Came back home soon after that. It's a bit chilly outside today. 43 degrees and cloudy. I'm going to go out at sunset and see if I can get some pictures. Will go out after that when the sun goes down for some moon pictures, if it's not too cloudy. I had some really good shots last night that wound up getting deleted due to a computer program crash. I'm not sure why it did that. I almost cried.

November 25, 2004


Well dinner turned out well. My brother showed up. A nice thing. He seems to be moving to Kentucky with his wife and he is quite hectic running back and forth between Ohio and Kentucky to get stuff situated. He showed me his new tattoo. It's of a wolf ghosted by clouds. Its black and looks very cool. Everyone is gone now except for my little niece (my brother's daughter). She's so cute. *sighs*

Downloading some pictures and loafing like Garfield.

November 24, 2004

My Cat


Darcie Marie, she's 13 years old.

November 23, 2004

In Ohio

Arrived safely, but damn tired. The parents are ok, and the bother is aloof somewhere. The plus... I get to see my cat. Darcie Marie. *little tears* She is a 9 pound calico. I have pictures, which I will throw up in a day or so. I had a political conversation with the Step Dad. *shrugs* I feel completely out of place, and weird right now. Shell shock I suppose. Anyway... Feel incredibly lonely.

November 22, 2004

The Trip

I'm doing laundry, and getting my crap together for packing. I've done further backups incase my laptop gets hit by a beer truck. Time of departure for the drive is 5 am. Ugh. I'm not going to be able to sleep at all. I usually don't fall asleep till 4 am anyway. I'm going to be worthless by the afternoon tomorrow.

Update: Picked up the car from the mechanics and the motor mount had to be replaced. I knew something was wrong with it. The car didn't sound like it's usual self. Oh, the car is a 1994 Saturn SC2. In very good condition. She now has a clean bill of health for the long leg to New Lebanon, OH.

November 21, 2004

Hair Cut

I'm back from getting my hair cut. I had this cute little blonde cutting my hair today. I enjoyed every second with her. *hehe* And I believe I made her nervous. (As I do all heterosexual women.) I could tell by her eye contact, and body language. I have a serious lesbian vibe hetero women pick up on. *LOL* My hair is 'stupid' short. It's the shortest I've ever gotten it cut. Well, except for that time when I was six and this boy in my class at school stuck his gum in the back of my hair. Mom hacked it off, and I cried. The wife seems to REALLY like the new cut. *shrugs*

The REAL Akira Motorcycle

I forgot to put these up...

Akira1, Akira2-1, Akira2, Akira3, Akira4, Akira5, Akira6

Lazy Day

My backup is all done for my iBook, but I still have a few odds and ends that I would like to throw on CD to archive. The plan for the day is as follows. Go out and get coffee and milk. Go get a hair cut. Drop off the car at the mechanics for them to take a look at it. A check up for the driving trip ahead. I don't want any break downs getting there or returning. And then back home for work and idle conversation with friend(s).

November 20, 2004

Americas Army

I played some AA for a bit this evening. I always enjoy this game. I am sniper qualified, and am damn good at 35 honor. And the guys seem to like playing with me. I'm a team player. :D

Stats For October 2004

Total hits: 8,529
Total page views: 5,014
Total visitors: 737
Total bytes transferred: 103.08 Meg
Starting day: 01/Oct/2004
Ending day: 31/Oct/2004
Total days covered: 31
Average hits per day: 275
Average page views per day: 161
Average visitors per day: 44
Average bytes transferred per day: 3.33 Meg
Average bytes transferred per second: 40 bytes

The Afternoon

I didn't wake up late. I just got out of bed late. I think I laid there for a few hours dreading getting up. Took my shower and I'm now drinking a cup of coffee. Finished what Admin work I had for the day. Have to run out in a bit to get some things for dinner tonight. Saturday has been dedicated to the "Threes Company" for at the table dinner, discussion, and dessert. This social event last till ruffly 9:30 pm. Sometimes longer.

The wife said something odd to me before I got out of bed, and after she climbed back in bed with me. "What's wrong with you, sweety?" ... "Am I neglecting you?" ... I give no response. It was enough for me to deal with the fact I was dreading getting out of bed.

Update: I'm running a system back of my iBook. It's been months since I've done it. Also... Mmmmm.. I have good beer... Stella!!!

November 19, 2004

Michelle Rodriguez

*fawns and swoons* By far the best set of lips. Simply Beautiful. She can be my tough chick ANY day.

Michelle Rodriguez




National Treasure

Went to see this today. From a scale of 1 to 10 I give it a 6. Blah. I was mildly entertained. Even with my mind racing.

November 18, 2004


We went over to a friends house today to see his new kittens. OMG! They are so cute! I have pictures, and a little video. *chuckles* They were so cute they brought tears to my eyes. I'm such a pussy. *LOL*

I then chatted a bit, then looked around drooling at all his hardware. He's a computer geek. He has a VAX system runnnig VMS. And I always drool over his SUN systems. He also has arcade games. Real systems. He is now in the process of rebuilding Spy Hunter the arcade game, which is coming along quite nicely.

After that we went to IHOP for a bite to eat. I had a Garden Omlet with hashbrowns on the side. I added some hot sauce, but it was wimpy hot sauce. Not even tobasco. Anyway, it was ok.

UPDATE: Here are the kittens... Ally & Chloe

AND.. Here are the other cats... Lucky, the 20 pounder! Seven, I love his cranky look! But he's not cranky. Just old and so cute. Zoe, She's such a darling.

November 17, 2004

Ian Brown - Solarized

I heard Ian Brown for the first time ever last night. I listened to the "Solarized" album. So far I love two songs off of it. "Solarized" and "The Sweet Fantastic". They moved me, and I've found that I've repeated the songs over and over. *sighs*

Frustrating Dream

I had this frustrating dream where people kept coming through my apartment while I was showering. (Through my bathroom, through the door leading to the next apartment.) Instead of just walking down the hall further and going through their front door. And they always seemed to come through when I was in the middle of taking a shower. I then removed the door and filled it in with drywall. I went out for groceries, and checked it upon returning. The wall had been torn down. At that point I woke up, because I was SO PISSED.

Update: And of course it NEVER occurred to me to just bolt the front door.

November 16, 2004

This Morning

I awoke this morning staring at her for what felt like ages... Straight blonde hair... Her thin lips... I inhale slowly to take her in... She stirs and opens her eyes and smiles softly at me... Those pale blue eyes that I love...

"Time to get up?!"


She gets up and puts on the coffee, then comes back to bed... I cringe... I turn over to get off my sore shoulder... She moves closer and presses her body against mine... Her skin is cold from getting up...

"Mmmm... You're so warm. Don't mind me while I fall asleep again."

"Ok. Love."

She pulls me even closer... Encapsulating me... My pain increases and small tears form...

"Are you Ok?"

I think... No...

"I'm fine, dear."

"What are you thinking about?"

My mind is racing as usual... I'm lost in thought...

"Getting up. My shoulder is in a lot of pain today."

"You think your pushups are irritating it?"


"What are you pondering? Is something else bothering you."

I squeeze her hand in mine... I softly pull away and get out of bed, then turn and place a soft warm kiss upon her neck... A smile emerges at the corner of her mouth as I walk away silently... She speaks...

"You were so restless this morning."

I nod...

"I should have just gotten up then."

November 15, 2004

What A Monday...

I've been running around bumping into walls today. Quite sad. I'm thinking of buying padded clothing for days like these. Hmmm... But I might need a mouth piece also. *LOL* Wee! I'm such a dork sometimes.

November 14, 2004

N64 - Hydro Thunder

Played some Hydro Thunder last night on the N64. This game is always fun, and has replay value. I find that I never get tired of racing around in a boat and unlocking the next levels.


I had a horrible nights sleep. Fuzzy frustrating dreaming. Last time I looked at the clock it was 4 am again. Up and down all night long, and woke up with my head splitting in two. Took some meds, and did something else to help me relax a bit. Helped a little. *sighs*

I wrote my Father an email asking what his plans are for Thanksgiving. I haven't heard from him in a while either. He is where I get my sense of humor from. *chuckles* Let's just say it's a dry humor, but we do have our periods of stomach cramping laughter. My Father is a good man. All things considered. Not prone to losing his temper or 'flying off the handle' in a rage. We both hate yelling matches. Especially when everything can be solved without the yelling.

I have to run out in a bit to get the wife new running shoes. The ones she has are really long over due to be replaced. I want to keep her feet in relatively good shape.

November 12, 2004

Yah! It's Friday!

Not that, that is anything good at all for me. I work seven days a week. Just more likely to be a slacker on the weekends. At least I want to be. Listening to NPR news and drinking coffee at the moment.

My friend w5nsa emailed this morning with pictures. He gave me a hug and said he misses me, and that I should make time for him before he goes away to Poland. *chuckles*

November 10, 2004


Played some Halo 2 online multiplayer with a good friend this evening. I really enjoyed that, and would love to do it again. I have to admit her voice was very pleasing to my ears.

Installing PC game now... Medal of Honor Pacific Assault.

November 9, 2004

Went Shopping Today

Best Buy... Had to buy some CD cases for my backups. I have to run another one for my iBook, because I updated to 10.3.6. Plus it's been over a month since I backed up. Purchased Halo 2 for Xbox (we both agreed to buy this when it came out), and "Medal of Honor Pacific Assult" for PC. *shakes head and sighs* This is shameful.

November 8, 2004

Drawn Together


OMG! This is a new TV Reality Animation. I've seen the first two episodes, and I was simply shocked. I laughed often. If you like having your world rocked, then give it a whirl.

Dream Lovers

I woke up this AM having an orgasm, which is always completely surprising. These sex dreams are unbelievably real for me. This one in particular was with a man. He had really nice brown skin. It was something that I really noticed in the dream.

After waking up from these dreams I am just so incredibly sensitive. Like I've just finished having sex. I'm assuming this is the same as having a dream lover. For me it's more like dream lovers. The only times I've had sex with the same dream lover was with my wife. She is the only repetitive dream lover I have.

November 7, 2004


Well, the photos are up. What's new... Check Photoblog.


November 6, 2004

My Sexual Preference

I had a less than interesting (very frustrating) conversation with a 29 year old guy from Lebanon today. Wanting to convert me back to heterosexualism. I've been there and done that. I'm completely over it. Really. Seriously. There are no arguements for this that will make me change my mind. There are no winning arguments for this. Period.

Block Island

Some pictures from my Block Island trip for this day are up on my photoblog. More will be going up by date taken as soon as I can get them up. I'm doing work also between doing photos, and listening to music. That reminds me... I need to put my 'James - Laid" album on my iPod. I seriously miss listening to that one.

What's up now:
2004.10.27 Lunar Eclipse

November 5, 2004

The Incredibles

*chuckles* Overall it was a pretty entertaining to see. The funniest part of the movie was when the kids behind us (all relatively young) would say, "Eeeewww Gross!" when the parents would kiss periodically. This cracked me up.

ibook Caching Old DNS

My iBook was caching old DNS information for my somewhat static IP for comcast.net for my home web server. Even rebooting wouldn't clear it. I finally had to use a terminal window to just clear the DNS cache. Don't mess with a unix geek girl, bastard!

lookupd -flushcache

November 4, 2004


I have to sit down with wifey sometime soon and decide what week we will take to visit the parents for Thanksgiving. Ugh! I don't want to think about it. Man... 500 miles to get there and 500 miles to get back home to Pennsylvania. I feel as if my life this year has been lived mostly on the road. The positive is more Photography in a different location. I don't have a lot of scenic pictures of Ohio. Any'who.

UPDATE: We are heading up from the 23rd to the 29th of November.

November 2, 2004


I voted.. I did my duty...

UPDATE: I think I'm going to vomit. Another four years of Bush. We are fucking doomed.

November 1, 2004

Back From BI

We got back earlier today and it was quite a long day. I'm tired. I have lots of work, and lots of photos to go through. I've done a little of both and the rest will wait till tomorrow. While at BI I believe we walked over 8 miles taking pictures. I had one incident though with a pricker bush. It embedded into my jacket, which was tied around my waist, and the back of my leg. Let's just say it took me quite a bit with no help to get it loose from me and my jacket. We had fun at the Halloween Party on the evening of the 30th at the local watering hole there. I didn't have a costume, so I was a familiar (dressed as a human). A fun time was had by all.

Brought home some homemade apple pie. We picked it up this morning with coffee before heading to the boat. I have to admit the boat ride coming off island was better than coming to island. Today it was so windy and chilly when we left. I took a little short video leaving port. You can actually see how difficult it was for me to stand top deck and take the video with the amount of wind.