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October 30, 2004

Saturday BI

I'm suppose to go to this costume party tonight at 9 pm here. I don't really want to go. Besides I don't have a costume. So, if asked why I'm not wearing one, I will be The "Island Lesbian". *shrugs* Oh well. It's cold and rainy. It's been that way ALL day. I've done minimal work. I miss my online friends (HEX & w5nsa). Tomorrow is the last day, and I hope it's not rainy.

October 27, 2004

Lunar Eclipse

There is a lunar eclipse tonight at 10:30 pm. Going to do my damndest to get some good pictures of it. Now to put some more Marilyn Manson on my iPod. I found a nice table below, which turned out to be really good. The table is from Mr. Eclipse. You can search for his pages in google.


UPDATE: I've got pictures! *huge smile* I will be going through these tomorrow for uploading to my Photoblog.

October 26, 2004

BI pic...


This was a pic to the left (port) side of the boat. So far it's been ok.

October 25, 2004

On Block Island

On really slow dialup... Oof!

Finally here but I'm dead tired. *crawling on all fours then falling flat* We got here around 12 pm, or so. Unpacked the car. Then I made some quick spaghetti for a meal. Was so hungry. I'm now having a beer to calm the nerves, and to relax a bit. I can barely keep my eyes open. We still have to go out grocery shopping, and to have a drink at the local bar. I feel like I could curl up into a ball and just die.

October 24, 2004

Pretty Much Packed

I'm all packed, I think. The only thing left to add is a baseball hat, and my winter hat. Oh, and my LLBean hiking jacket (moderately heavy and insulated) and my Padagonia shell (light jacket). Just cause I'm not sure how warm or cold it's going to get there this time of year. Both are water proof, which will keep me dry for the most part. And I think that's it.

We have a reservation for the 11am boat at Point Judith. However, we are going to try to make standby at an earlier time. The reservation is for just incase we can't get on the earlier boat.

October 23, 2004

Bucks County, PA

Took a car trip for a walk and some photographs. I filled up my 256MB card, and half way went through my 32MB card. It was nice to get out of the house for a while. Hopefully I will have some good photos to share. Now to download the photos and go through them.

October 22, 2004

Block Island

I have been told that we are leaving on Sunday. I think we will be gone for a week or so. We should be back in time enough to vote on Tuesday. I've updated clamXav for the trip. And I am now backing up my iPhoto Library to CD. That way I can wipe it, and start fresh for the trip. This is going to take several hours. I have a lot of photos on my iBook. While doing that I have to do a bit a laundry also.

UPDATE: As for Block Island we were tentatively leaving Sunday at 5pm, but it has now (I think) been switched to Monday. Wifey says it will stress her less that way. Less stress for her is less stress for me.

October 21, 2004

Lost in Thought

Feeling: Distracted... Enamored... Bemused... Immersed...

Wifey wants to go to BI this month. I'm fine with going. I'm just tired of travelling. We've done a lot of it so far this year. We still have more to do besides this trip she wants to take to BI. The nice thing is BI will be just the two of us. It will be windy and cold as usual this time of year. We still have Thanksgiving in Ohio, and Christmas in NY. Driving both. Thinking about it makes me tired.

October 20, 2004

Hacker Hits UC Berkeley Computer System

"A computer hacker accessed names and Social Security numbers of about 1.4 million Californians after breaking into a University of California, Berkeley, computer system in possibly the worst attack of its kind ever suffered by the school."

read article

I imagine some poor system admin is having a VERY bad day.

October 19, 2004

Steel Angel Kurumi

Yah! I bought this DVD collection today. I have to say that it is one of my favorites. I've included a description below from AnimeNFO. I'm going to enjoy watching this again.

"Steel Angel is an android who has an Angel Heart created by powerful magic. In other words Steel Angel is a creature of both science and magic. Kurumi is the 1st Steel Angel, and she is awaken when Nakahito kisses her. Nakahito is the second child of "Onmyoudou Shuke" (a house of Japanese Yin and Yang spiritual leader). She has so much affection for him that she calls him "my master". She never follows any other orders but Nakahito's. Now, Nakahito, a boy with a gentle heart, and Kurumi, an android with an Angel Heart and invincible power, are the dynamic duo! Then the 2nd Steel Angel Saki, the 3rd Steel Angel Karinka and more characters join the story. Steel Angel Kurumi is the romantic action drama of cute girls full of laughter and heart-warming stories. The story takes place in the "Taisho Roman" period. Taisho is the Japanese historical period of about 90 years ago (similar to Sakura Taisen).

**** There are 4 episodes (25-28) special to tie up the loose ends from the end of the TV series ****"

October 18, 2004

Thinking Back To High School

*listening to Tesla - Great Radio Controversy... thinking back* I use to be such a metal head in high school. Oof! Always getting called into the councellors office for some reason or other. I had issues. But then, so does every teenager. So self indulged. Oye! I had crushes on almost all of my female teachers. And I had this horrible crush on a friend of mine that I had in my senior year. Sybel?! (not sure I spelled her name right) She is listed on classmates.com for my year of graduation. Man, she rocked my world then. She was the nicest person. Friendly. A great personality. The guys loved her. Well, at least the guys that were in the metal head group then.


Damnit! I burnt my wrist... Crap!!! Owey!

*runs around in circles*

Escape From Butcher Bay


Here are videos I made. I did this with my digital camera, and then converted them with Windows Movie Maker. Of course the original files are better quality, but I had to seriously do something about the file size. Way too big for putting up on a blog. So, they are converted to Windows Media Files. BTW, this is a dark game. Enjoy!

Vid 1
Vid 2
Vid 3

October 17, 2004


(listening to Tori Amos while typing this) Yes, I have a pretty good collection. I like her music. I'm missing only a few CDs. Favorite songs are, but not limited to... "Hey Jupiter"... "Caught A Light Sneeze"... "1000 Oceans"... "Spark"... "Cruel"... "Precious Things"... "Black Dove"... "Iieee"... "Liquid Diamonds"... "Northern Lad"... "Playboy Mommy"... "A Sorta Fairytale"... "Bliss"... "Lust"... "Suede"... "Josephine"... ""Riot Proof"... "Cooling"... "Cornflake girl"... I think I'd like to see her in concert sometime.

Woke up late. Took a shower, and such. I had a piece of carrot cake with my coffee today. Yummy! Did a little work. Watched the recording of Crossfire with John Stewart, which was damn entertaining. Read my Sunday comics. Emailed a few online friends. Emailed my Father. He seems to be preoccupied with golf and bowling at the moment. I got the complete season 1 of "Invader Zim". Funny stuff. No word from "HEX" yet. I hope everything is going well. The wife-y is still running. I'm thinking she is running around the eastern coast of America right now. Might be at the Jersey Shore right now. She averages about 25 miles a week. Run Forrest, Run!

October 16, 2004

Another Weird Dream...

All through this dream I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was dying from some terminal form of cancer.

I went to the doctor, and they did tests. They sent me to X-Ray, and wound up not being able to do it due to the X-Ray tech needed to do something more important. She told me to go home, and they would call me back in. I gave her my beeper number even though I don't have a beeper active. Anyway... They never called. They never beeped me. I call back a day later. They don't remember me, and neither does the doctor. No record of me being there.


October 15, 2004

Belkin USB Bluetooth and Hotsync Manager

I have run into an issue where whenever I have my Belkin USB Bluetooth device plugged in, it will conflict with my Hotsync Manager. I get the Transport Monitor error 4960, and I can't seem to use Bluetooth to connect from my palm to my laptop for email/web at all. I can transfer files back and forth, but I can not use 'BlueTooth Internet Sharing'. Has anyone else noticed this issue?

I posted this to Geek.com even though it's a dead thread. I've visited the setup pages at macosxhints.com also. The setup instructions there didn't help at all. There is one last piece of software that I can try, but I'm going to see if I can get a demo of it to test it. I really don't want to buy a piece of software that isn't going to fix my issue.

NOTE: Belkin does not make drivers for the MAC OS at all for this BlueTooth USB device. The model number for the USB Bluetooth device is "F8T001 ver2".

October 14, 2004

Replay Radio

I've been playing around with the current version of Replay Radio demo. The audio recordings so far from streaming URLs on my PC machine, aren't as clear as what I would get from Audio Hijack that I use on my iBook. Also, the add to my iTunes Library function hasn't worked flawlessly yet.

UPDATE: I am really NOT happy with the audio quality of Replay Radio at all. It's got this added noise in it that you usually hear with Real Media files.

October 13, 2004

Strange Dreams

I had strange dreams all night long after the day I had yesterday. One that I remember was about two girls chasing one another, and the other ran toward a pool. She laughs, screams, then teleports into the wall of the pool. Spent most of the time trying to talk her 'down' enough to get her out of the wall.

WTF is this about?!

Ghost in the Shell - Innocence

It is near future, 2032, people are connected to the computer network, and they can communicate each other without talking or typing keyboards. The most parts of their bodies are replaced by machineries. It is a world where human, cyborgs, and robots are living together. Batou is a detective of a governmental agency, which is responsible to control terrorists. He is a living cyborg, and his hands, legs, and the other body parts are artificial. It is only his brain and the memory of a woman, Motoko, that remain. One day, a girl-type robot loses the control, and kills the owner. He wonders why that robot killed the owner. The robots are to be made to work for human. He begins to investigate the affair with his buddy, Togusa. Then a mysterious hacker interferes with his investigation by attacking his brain from the computer network. Suffering from the attack, he is gradually approaching to the truth.

* Thanks to masahiko for the information.

Damnit! I want to see this movie.

October 12, 2004

Ren & Stimpy Uncut

Just got this on DVD today at BestBuy. Seasons one and two, with two extra episodes of season three. Woohoo! Can't wait to dig into this. Especially because I wasn't able to see all of the episodes.

October 11, 2004

Something New


Created in 3DsMax & Photoshop. In my favorite color. Now, what the hell do I name it?! If anyone would like it for desktop use let me know. I'll upload it to my deviantart page for download. Also, I'm not entirely sure I'm done with it.

UPDATE: I submitted it to my deviantart page. To download for desktop use just view it in full screen via the page.

What a day...

Got up a little late. Did my work for the day. Went on a four mile walk with wifey, and took lots of pictures. 101 of them. I should have a few up on the photoblog within a day or two. I need to look through them first. Had a personal pizza for dinner with a beer. Yum!

October 10, 2004

Max Payne 2


Crap! I'm stuck on this level. Grrrr...

UPDATE: I passed it. Next level here I come!!!

Up For Purchase

Black & White - Nature

Converse All-Stars

Photos For Sale!

Work Crap

I can't believe I had to waste a certain amount of time today... Sunday of all days.... Tell two adults that if they can't work out their differences, then do not speak to one another. *shrugs* Easy enough right? Agree to disagree, as they say. They can't handle that. Now to me this is just plain childishness.

October 9, 2004


Spent WAY too much time playing this today after I made an account. *LMAO* My name is "auntipasta", and I am a Level 2 Yeast Scholar. Shut up! Don't laugh! I spent most of my time doing stuff for a nutty bird on Mt. Noob.


October 8, 2004

DoW Mission 3 Complete!


Completed Mission 3....

Mission 4 is suppose to be harder, with a bigger 'boss'. Hmmm.. Will the orcs be a match for the Goddess.Of.War?! We shall see... To War!!!! I'm hoping this game gets harder. I'm thinking I might have to bump up from normal to hard.

GoLive Preferences

Bah! I had to delete my GoLive preferences file today. Some how it got corrupted. GoLive would open, but would crash on opening any html file. Weird.

October 7, 2004

Recording NPR News Broadcasts

Here are some basic instructions for recording the morning NPR newscast on OS X. You will need Audio Hijack, iTunes, Windows Media Player.

Make sure the above sotware is installed. Once installed open Audio Hijack. You will need to make a "new" preset. Call it "NPR News". You can call it anything you wish, but this is what I call it. Click on the "Target" tab. Under "application" select Windows Media Player. Click to select the "Open URL/File/AppleScript". Type in the NPR URL to the morning news. Next... Click the "Timer" tab. Make sure you select "Timer Enabled". Click/Select Monday - Friday. I selected the time to record from 5am - 6am. So, set your "start" and "end" time. Below that are added options. Record, Mute, Quit Target. I have all of these selected. I want my NPR news to record, but record muted so as not to disturb me this early in the morning, then quit the hijacked application when the timer ends. Now, click the "Recording" tab. "Save recorded files to:" ... Set this to your desktop. "When finished recording:" ... Click "select" ... Set this to "Encode to MP3 with iTunes". Next, click the "Effects" tab. Here you will select "spoken word". This will give you a really nice audio quality for listening.

Now that we are setup. Quit Audio Hijack to save your settings, then restart it. Leave it running in your dock. When you wake up in the morning you should have iTunes open and ready to play your recorded (MP3) NPR morning news broadcast in your Playlist. Just delete the .aiff file on your desktop and enjoy! You can throw these onto your iPod, if you wish.

October 6, 2004

Work, Backups, and Father

It's a slow day today. While working I'm doing backups on my PC for disaster recovery reasons.

My Father emailed me today to say "Hi". I'll have to get back to him shortly. I miss him. I wish he had been in my life more when I was younger. I know that was impossible due to the divorce, and the tention between him and Mom.


Back to getting 'things' done.

October 4, 2004

Online Chat Crap

I've had to deal with quite a substantial amount of this stuff today. Me being an Admin and all. The issues of hatred, name calling, and throwing around insults in specific. This can not be allowed to happen within an online community. You will lose chatters as a whole. No one wants to pop in their favorite chat site community and deal with that crap after a hard day of work. Time online in a chat site for most people is meant to be enjoyable.

October 3, 2004

Put up some B&W

Be sure to check out MyPhotoblog. I put up some new black and whites that I took recently on a walk around the house. Enjoy.

Kaye Designs

I updated the cover page for my site. I decided to go with a nice black and white photo that I took. Updated the cover page section to reflect it also.

Now, back to other work.

October 2, 2004

Stupid Me

For some reason it slipped my mind to do my weekly maintenance on my iBook. You know... Just clear the caches, clear logs, run disk permissions. And now I'm suffereing for my absent mindedness. Now I will set an iCal alarm to pop up weekly to remind me to do it. Lesson learned.

The White House Helped Me With My Paper

Leading Senate Democrat Dianne Feinstein of California expressed "profound dismay" that the White House allegedly wrote a large portion of Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi's speech to the US Congress.(AFP/File/Robyn Beck)

"I want to express my profound dismay about reports that officials from your administration and your reelection campaign were 'heavily involved' in writing parts of Prime Minister Ayad Allawi's speech," California Senator Dianne Feinstein wrote in a letter to President George W. Bush.

"You may be surprised by this, Mr. President, but I viewed Prime Minister Allawis speech as an independent view on conditions in Iraq," she wrote.

*blink blink*

October 1, 2004


I watched the debate last night between Kerry and Bush. I have a DivX avi of it, which is about 300MB or so. It can be downloaded from me off of eDonkey. Search for "2004vote". I am missing the first 15 minutes of it though. *shrugs*

Kerry kept his cool, but Bush seemed uneasy. Fidgety even. Like he was taking personally everything Kerry would say. I was waiting for him to draw his six guns on Kerry. Kind of like an old black and white western cartoon.

Had a pretty hectic day so far...

I'm going to take a long walk later on today with my camera, and shoot some photos. Hopefully I will have some great pictures to share later on.

I need to get started on a new cover page for my work site this month. And I need to update my 2D & 3D art gallery there with some newer stuff I have on disk.

Also, I have to update Netkungfu.org. I'm still not sure where I want to take this site, or that I'm even happy with it's formatting. I might just do away with the news section all together.