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FTC Porn Spam Regulation Now in Effect

"FTC Adopts Rule That Requires Notice That Spam Contains Sexually-Explicit Material"

"Starting May 19th 2004, spam that contains sexually oriented material must include the warning ?SEXUALLY-EXPLICIT: ? in the subject line or face fines for violations of federal law. The CAN-SPAM Act, passed by Congress in 2003, directed the Federal Trade Commission to adopt a rule requiring a mark or notice to be included in spam that contains sexually oriented material. The purpose of the notice is to inform recipients that a spam message contains sexually oriented material and to make it easier to filter out messages they do not wish to receive. Establishing the mark was one of several actions Congress directed the Commission to undertake by enacting the CAN-SPAM Act, which was signed into law on December 16, 2003. The CAN-SPAM Act required the Commission to prescribe the mark or notice within 120 days after passage of the Act."

It's about time! Finally a spam filter for porno that will work.