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May 31, 2004

Video Cards

I saw these two cards reviewed on G4/TechTV, and they look awesome. Although they will put a pretty good drain on your pocket. The ATI card appears to be sold out as of today.

ATI & HIS Excalibur X800Pro

G-Force 6800

IO in color

IO in color

"The strangest moon in the Solar System is bright yellow. This picture, showing Io's true colors, was taken in 1999 July by the Galileo spacecraft that orbited Jupiter from 1995 to 2003. Io's colors derive from sulfur and molten silicate rock. The unusual surface of Io is kept very young by its system of active volcanoes. The intense tidal gravity of Jupiter stretches Io and damps wobbles caused by Jupiter's other Galilean moons. The resulting friction greatly heats Io's interior, causing molten rock to explode through the surface. Io's volcanoes are so active that they are effectively turning the whole moon inside out. Some of Io's volcanic lava is so hot it glows in the dark."

Original Graphic

prev052404b Here is the graphic below without the top and df -k output... The graphic in specific was posted on May 24th.

May 30, 2004

Sunday Blues

Sundays are so completely boring for me. Sundays feel like the longest day of the week. The day before Monday the start of the work week. Blah!

I played some Call of Dutiy single player for a bit, but it didn't satisfy me. Not sure what I want to do really. I've been sipping on a beer. I think I will go watch the boob tube in a bit. Maybe some G4/TechTV.

I noticed that quite a lot of people read my blog here, but no one comments on a regular basis. Or at all. Everyone seems to karma vote. Are "we" afraid to comment? (chuckles) Don't be. I'm actualy quite a friendly & a nice person. I don't think I've ever really recieved any hate mail to date. Not that my blog would deserve any. I don't think.

Since the FTC adoption of the new rule for CANSPAM marking porno email I have only received one email that actually had "SEXUALLY-EXPLICIT:" in the subject line. I have to say that most of the spam I receive is in my Comcast mail accounts. It's pitiful. The spam reporting doesn't work that well. It seems the more I report... I get double in return. I have no idea how I ended up on these lists either. I only use the Comcast email for friends and family. The one thing I have noticed is that whenever I go to Comcast.net and login to my account, Advertising.com connects to me. Within minutes I have adware on my PC machine. I have to run SpybotS&D everytime I go there. So, I don't go to Comcast.net anymore.

Oh... And I added the Photoshop picture below to my page at kayetie.deviantart.com in the Scrapbook section.

Blog Update

Made another blog template update. I'm never quite satisfied with it, as you can tell. Took me all of an hour to edit two different ones to get visually what you see now. Updated the link colors also. I am growing more content with the way it's turning out now. Let me know what you think...

May 24, 2004

Photoshop Creation

prev052404a (24k image)

This photoshop creation I did in a little over an hour. Letting my imagination run a bit. Wondering if I should submit it to kayetie.deviantart.com or not. I fell asleep listening to my iPod last night. Guess I should set my sleep time on it, so it doesn't play all night long. Battery was dead this morning. LOL

May 21, 2004

FTC Porn Spam Regulation Now in Effect

"FTC Adopts Rule That Requires Notice That Spam Contains Sexually-Explicit Material"

"Starting May 19th 2004, spam that contains sexually oriented material must include the warning ?SEXUALLY-EXPLICIT: ? in the subject line or face fines for violations of federal law. The CAN-SPAM Act, passed by Congress in 2003, directed the Federal Trade Commission to adopt a rule requiring a mark or notice to be included in spam that contains sexually oriented material. The purpose of the notice is to inform recipients that a spam message contains sexually oriented material and to make it easier to filter out messages they do not wish to receive. Establishing the mark was one of several actions Congress directed the Commission to undertake by enacting the CAN-SPAM Act, which was signed into law on December 16, 2003. The CAN-SPAM Act required the Commission to prescribe the mark or notice within 120 days after passage of the Act."

It's about time! Finally a spam filter for porno that will work.

Shrek 2

I went for the early showing of "Shrek 2" today. I felt it was just as good as the first one. It's difficult to see a movie like this, because of the children that go to see it with their parents. Everyone is talking and screaming, "Mommy Shrek!". OK. Understandable. It was a good movie.

Turns out I don't have jury duty today. (sigh of relief)

There is a dinner, and cake planned for my Birthday tomorrow (22nd). A few presents, and the boss lady has given me the day off. Woohoo! I don't know about you, but it's nice to be off of work on your Birthday.

(Thinking) My iBook is still chugging along, and still running good.

Now off to phone the Grandparents and thank them for my Birthday card.

May 18, 2004

Blog Update

I updated my blog here with a new graphic, and modified text & background color a bit. I moved the calander over to the left hand side. I didn't care for it at the bottom of my page. Changed the comment links to discuss links. I felt that it was more appropriate. I also changed the font type, and color slightly.

May 17, 2004

G3 Wallstreet Autopsy/Repair

G3 Wallstreet Repair

I had to assist in a Wallstreet repair recently, which was quite fun. I've included some pictures, and brief descriptions at the link above. We had to replace the power adaptor port. It was definitely bad.

May 14, 2004

iBook Update

My iBook is back now. It appears to be fixed after they replaced my hard drive, and combo drive. I have burning over 16x now, which is good. And I am typing this entry from my laptop. Yah! Let's hope I don't have to call for apple repair again. It's nice having it back. I spent most of the day yesterday restoring from backup, and doing some clean up. Now on to getting some work done.

May 11, 2004

iBook Going Back Today

iBook 800Mhz is going back today. The pickup for the repair return is this afternoon sometime. Patiently waiting on Airbourne to arrive to pick it up. I really do hope that Apple fixes my laptop this time.

May 10, 2004

iBook Update

My iBook is going back yet again to Apple for repair. I had to call them on the 8th due to the hardware issues I started having after getting it back. Seems I was unable to get a working operating system on it. When I got it back it took 1 hour to boot to Jaquar. My utilities were telling me that the S.M.A.R.T. drive diagnostics were failing, and I kept getting bad blocks (over 80) every time I reformatted the drive with zeros. It would still report bad blocks and the S.M.A.R.T. drive failures after this. I initially thought they replaced this hard drive, because it sounded different. It didn't sound like my old hard drive that came with the iBook that had absolutely no problems before getting it back from Apple. Also, the new 24x Toshiba combo drive would not eject a CD without using a paper clip to open the door.

My question to the phone tech at level 2 was, "What did they do toss it around the room?" He chuckled.

This time they are replacing the hard drive, and the combo burner (yet again). This is turning into a nightmare.

May 8, 2004

iBook Update

Got off the phone with Apple again. The iBook is going back again for replacement of hard drive and combo drive. Another four day wait... crazy The saga continues.


I have to say at this point... I'm REALLY fucking pissed!

My repaired iBook has returned to me with a new hard drive, logic board, and combo drive. The hard drive as it turns out is BAD. The S.M.A.R.T feature of the drive is failing, and says (according to my Disk Warrior and Norton) that the drive will fail, and I will start having data loss. I am currenly in the middle of running TechTool 4 surface scan, which has found so far 82 bad blocks. I'm still getting more.

Now, I have to ask Apple... Why did you replace my perfectly working drive with this bad Toshiba (MK3018GAS) drive? I'm curious. I'm pissed. YOU sold me a lemon, and you continue to screw me. You better believe (at this point) I am taking this personally.

May 7, 2004

iBook Is Back From Apple

I got my iBook back from Apple today. They replaced three parts; 630-4039 PCBA, 800MHZ/678-0452 DA, TOSHIBA SD-R2412. This was from the previous burning issue I was having with it. It would not burn at 16x, it's rated speed. Well, they replaced this combo drive with the Toshiba model. Although, I'm not sure why they replaced my hard drive, as there was nothing wrong with it. I think the other part replaced was the logic board, which is marked for replacement due to a recall from Apple.

Right now I am running Norton Utilities / Disk Doctor, as my updgrade to Panther 10.3.3 didn't go to well. The laptop was making funny Atari like sounds when downloading and installing this update. Seems I encountered disk errors, which happens when you don't run disk permissions / norton before upgrading. They installed the older Jaquar OS, which just sucks. So, that's what I am doing now. Running Disk Doctor, and it's finding errors, which I am fixing. Hopefully I will be back up and updated, then move on to restoring my backed up system soon. *crosses fingers*