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Broadband Over Power Lines (BPL)

Broadband Over Power Lines (BPL)

Also known as "PLC"... Power Line Communications Association

"Digital power lines are believed to be able to carry data at roughly the same speeds as cable or DSL lines. And because electricity is more prevalent in homes than cable or even telephone lines, a vast new communications infrastructure could be born overnight -- notably in rural areas, where broadband access has lagged."

Article at wired

"Studies done by amateurs and regulators worldwide demonstrate conclusively that BPL that uses HF or VHF spectrum will cause serious degradation of the communications capability to nearby receivers on frequencies that BPL uses. HF is a unique international resource that is in use by commercial radio services, broadcasting, amateurs, government and military operators."

Article saying that this will effect HAM radio, and the effect of the amount of interference will cause other unwanted outcomes. Read More Video of the interference here

Problems With PLC (BPL): And why is should not be used...

"Because of the high level of radiated energy radio reception is disrupted! The freedom of receiving independent information and to have access to foreign radio programs via short-wave is abandoned. Transmissions from BBC, Voice of America, Radio Free Europe, Radio Deutsche Welle cannot be listened any more. This represent a severe cut in democratic rights. Emergency communication is impossible. Important life saving information cannot be relayed on shortwave anymore. Safety of life services and foreign embassies communications will be disturbed. Shortwave is of vital importance to all military operations. Navigation and Aeronautical communication is also affected in this frequency range."