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March 31, 2004

PC Upgrade 2004

Well, I now have 512MB memory, and a new case, which is really cool looking. My IS7 motherboard, and 2.6GHz processor. Now all there is to do is make the time to do the upgrading. I will post some digital pictures as soon as I have the new upgraded pc up and running.

March 24, 2004

Microsoft Hit with Record EU Fine

Microsoft Hit with Record EU Fine


European Commission finds the world's largest software company guilty of breaking anti-trust law by abusing its 'virtual monopoly' with its Windows operating system.

March 22, 2004

Broadband Over Power Lines (BPL)

Broadband Over Power Lines (BPL)

Also known as "PLC"... Power Line Communications Association

"Digital power lines are believed to be able to carry data at roughly the same speeds as cable or DSL lines. And because electricity is more prevalent in homes than cable or even telephone lines, a vast new communications infrastructure could be born overnight -- notably in rural areas, where broadband access has lagged."

Article at wired

"Studies done by amateurs and regulators worldwide demonstrate conclusively that BPL that uses HF or VHF spectrum will cause serious degradation of the communications capability to nearby receivers on frequencies that BPL uses. HF is a unique international resource that is in use by commercial radio services, broadcasting, amateurs, government and military operators."

Article saying that this will effect HAM radio, and the effect of the amount of interference will cause other unwanted outcomes. Read More Video of the interference here

Problems With PLC (BPL): And why is should not be used...

"Because of the high level of radiated energy radio reception is disrupted! The freedom of receiving independent information and to have access to foreign radio programs via short-wave is abandoned. Transmissions from BBC, Voice of America, Radio Free Europe, Radio Deutsche Welle cannot be listened any more. This represent a severe cut in democratic rights. Emergency communication is impossible. Important life saving information cannot be relayed on shortwave anymore. Safety of life services and foreign embassies communications will be disturbed. Shortwave is of vital importance to all military operations. Navigation and Aeronautical communication is also affected in this frequency range."


March 19, 2004

Firewalk X & 10.3.3

I updated to Panther 10.3.3 yesterday, and found out that my firewall was no longer working. I reinstalled it, and it seems to be working now.

March 17, 2004

Battlefield 1942

My install of Battlefield 1942 with latest update was running, then one day I run it and it won't start. It will not run! I get a black screen now, and it sits there. I uninstalled it, and tried to reinstall it. When I click "install" and try to go through it, it skips to the register popup and doesn't install. WTF is this about? Another piece of software that does not uninstall properly?!

So, I went through the regestry search for all entries for "Battlefield". I deleted them all that made reference to the game. I even ran Norton Utillities Win Doctor to check the registry, and repaired all minor registry problems. (Nothing related to the game, BTW) Ran Disk Doctor to check to make sure the disks are ok. They are.

It still will not install... BACK TO "REGEDIT" I GO...

Start searching for all instances of "BF1942"... Oh Joy! More crap that didn't uninstall right. Deleted! I run Norton Win Doctor again to make sure I didn't create any further registry problems. It's clean.

I reboot... Then run the installer again...

OMFG! shocked

It doesn't install again... I try REINSTALL this time... It doesn't install again... I go to windows "Add Remove Programs" and uninstall from there... It doesn't show as being installed! What a frigging surprise! Back to searching the registry...

HAHAHA... I win you bastards! Smart me decided to just copy my roomates game directory over the network to mine, then run repair from disk, and it worked. OMG! razz

March 12, 2004

Web Copycats Ripping Off Small Businesses

Web Copycats Ripping Off Small Businesses...

Seems there has been a web site stealer going around downloading entire sites, then putting them up under his/her own domain name hosted out of the country. I've included an example below of this. Take a look and be the judge. I read the original article concerning this on silicon.com.

Sports Car Club of America - Original website.

Carorcar.com - The theifs website.

March 3, 2004

Blank Email ... Spam????

Lately, I've been getting these blank emails at my Comcast email address. For some reason these blank message hang and freeze my mail client, then freezes my PC forcing me to restart. I reported it to Comcast as spam. I hope they can do something to stop it.

Although getting mail with my MAC doesn't pick it up as an actual message, so it ignores it on email checking. When I login to webmail at Comcast it shows as a blank message, from noone, to noone. It's a garbage email with no headers, and no content. Weird.

As soon as I delete this 'blank' message I can then get my mail again with my PC.