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February 28, 2004

OSX Shortcut Keys For Screenshot

OSX Hint:

COMMAND+SHIFT=3 ... Will grab entire screen to a pdf file.

COMMAND+CTRL+SHIFT+3 ... Will grab entire screen to clip board for cut&paste into email.

COMMAND+SHIFT+4 ... Will then turn your pointer to a camera lense icon, select the region you wish to have a screenshot of, then it will copy that to a pdf file.

COMMAND+CTRL+SHIFT+4 ... Will do the same thing, except put the screenshot to clip board for emailing.

And for a little fun and a good laugh go here.

February 26, 2004

iTunes Now Playing

I am playing with this little application for OS X called "Now Playing". You can find it on MACOSX Hints.

What it does, when run a long with iTunes, it will generate a .png file and upload it to your ftp server (.MAC account, or WebDAV). You can see this at the bottom of the page here. I thought it was kind of neat. And plan on using it when I listen to music with iTunes on my laptop.

February 20, 2004

Updated Cover Page - Feb. 2004

eye1_crop (8k image)I have my EYE on YOU! Yes, this is actually one of my eyes. (chuckles)

Updated cover page for February on K-Designs.


February 4, 2004

teen uk hacker caught

Interesting article. It seems a teen UK hacker was caught, and admitted to hacking into the US Government's Laboratory computers. When asked why, he used the computers to download and store gigabytes of hot music and movies. He wound up getting 200 hours of community service, because he could not afford to pay the ?21,000 in damages.

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February 1, 2004

New CD-R CD-RW Burner


I purchased a new CD-R/CD-RW burning for my pc yesterday, and installed it today. Got it for $44 at CompUSA. Here are the stats... 52x24x42x. I am a happy camper now. Doing backups will be much faster. Now to update a web page or two, and start working on a new graphic for K.D. for February.