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December 24, 2003

Updating my Mom's PC Christmas 2003

Updating my Mom's PC Christmas 2003...

I updated her to XP, which went well. I am having issues installed Norton AntiVirus 2004. For some reason it errors out, quits, and uninstalls itself. Purchased the software online for $55. I am now looking through the Knowledge base to try and fix the issue, but no luck yet. Everything suggested so far is not working.

What bothers me; That I purchased NAV2004 software for my Mom at $55. I need technical support to help me fix the issue. They expect me to pay another $30 for phone support for software that I just purchased?! Come on guys! BTW, they do not give email support unless it's NON technical related.

Due to the OVER ABUNDANCE of registry entries that Norton-Symantec makes upon installation, and the fact that Microsoft does not give them enough information to uninstall their software, it made BAD registry entries relating to the recycle bin that were not uninstalling. Thus causing the install to fail.

Now that, that is installed...

I am moving on to Firewall and new CD-R/CD-RW/CD-RG writer installs, and seeing if I can get her DVD drive working again.

December 10, 2003

Microsoft MSN Annoyances

This service is completely annoying. There is no need to have this service auto starting when you can start it manually when you run the client. Ways of disabling it from starting up on system reboot, or system start. 1) Go into MSN Messenger and select Tools/Options/Preferences ... Uncheck the following boxes. "Run this program when Windows starts" and "Allow this program to run in the background". 2) This service will keep running unless you disable "NAV 2003, disable Instant Messenger monitoring.". It took me forever to figure out number two.


December 9, 2003


I just updated to the new stable release of OpenOffice for my PC. It's a smaller install than Microsofts, and I like it better. If you would like to check it out, and try the software for yourself the URL is below. SUN Microsystems is to offer support for it.

OpenOffice - Free office replacement for Microsoft Office. Reads Microsoft documents.

AA - version 2

My update to version 2.0 of Americas Army didn't go to well. I wound up having to uninstall the whole game, then reinstall verion 1.9 again. For some reason my 1GHz machine has problems running version 2. Oh darn.


December 8, 2003

Americas Army - AA - Screenshots


Here are some screenshots of me playing Americas Army online against other players. I have to say that I do love this game, and the US Army has done quite well with it. I just now updated to the special forces version, so I have to go through that training now. This game has over 2 Million registered players.

Americas Army Free Game put out by the US Army

My Screenshots

December 4, 2003

I've upgraded...

I've upgraded greymatter so that you can use emoticons. Along with mood, and music. Looks pretty neat.


December 1, 2003


Dad is doing wonderful now. A little slow, but great! ;-)

Thanksgiving was also good. We had lots of food, family, and stayed a few extra days to just hang out. It's kind of nice to do that when your neices and nephews are around. We played video games, and watched movies for fun. We even went to see "Master And Commander" at the movies, which was also surprisingly good even though the theatre workers didn't turn out the lights during the movie. I had this constant spot light on me that made it difficult to see the darker scenes in the movie, and it was quite annoying. But the movie was still good.

We are packing up today, and heading back to PA. Should be home by early evening. We hope.