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November 23, 2003

back for a few days

I'm back for a few days, but heading back out on Wednesday morning to NY again for Thankgiving Holiday. Have loads of laundry and work to get caught up on before I go though. *sighs* Hopefully Dad will be home from the hospital by Tuesday before I get there. *crossing fingers*

November 18, 2003


Well, we will be heading out tomorrow early to head up to NY for my father in law's heart surgery. We will be up there till Saturday, or Sunday at the latest. I'm hoping that this trip will be uneventfull, and all will be fine. Taking my iBook, palm, and cell phone.

November 12, 2003

family stuff

My fauther in-law went in for an angioplasty, and the Dr. wound up having to stop due to the fact that he couldn't continue with the procedure. The Dr said, Dad's arteries were just too clogged up. Dad has to be rescheduled to go back in for five bipasses. Until he goes through the surgery he is not allowed to do anything that would cause him stress, or he would likely have a heart attack. This all might be scheduled for next week sometime. :-(

November 5, 2003

spam scam... more

This is the new spam scam that is going around. I got this one at my SBP Ltd. account. I seriously can't believe people actually fall for this stuff. Anyway, enjoy the reading.

email.scam110503.txt (4k file)

November 4, 2003

My PC System Setup

Intel Celeron Processor 1GHz


nVidia GForce/2 AGP 32MB (hoping to update this soon)

P90F ViewSonic Monitor

DVD drive

CD-ROM drive

Maxtor 93073U6 (hard drive)

WDC WD300BB-32AUA1 (hard drive)

5 1/4 floppy

33.6 Modem - Smart One

Logitech-compatible Mouse PS/2 (trackball)

Aiptek Tablet (It's a small one)

Not bad for something that is slowly updated yearly...

A little pc repair

Got my new P90F monitor replacement from ViewSonic. I'm typing from it now. Wow... It's nice to see things all crisp again. I also took the liberty of replacing my agp video card fan to something more heavy duty. I'm hoping it will keep the card cooler, and I won't see any video resizing problems like I've been seing with desktop sizes larger than 1152x768. Right now I'm running 1280x1024. And it appears to be stable, and more reliable. I won't know till the computer has been on most of the day though. I stuck in another 256MB memory, which should help with my 3D designing & gaming. Have to make sure I can at least do my hobbies. Right now my memory is at 512MB, and things are a little snappier.