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Sony CD-RW CRX820E Combo Drive - iBook 800

iBook 800MHz using Sony CD-RW CRX820E Combo Drive Issue...

My "Sony CD-RW CRX820E" combo drive burned at 16x upon receiving with the apple supplied "Verbatim" 32x rated cd-r. After a while it stopped burning at that speed and went down to 4x. I returned my iBook to apple for repair. They returned it saying nothing was wrong with the burner.

After A LOT of time testing, buying different speed cd-r disks, I found that this particular drive would not burn above 16x on any cd-r disk rated above the speed of 32x. I now have "Sony", and "Digital Research" cd-r disks rated for 32x that are burning at my 16x speed.

I believe this burning issue has to do with the burner / cd-r becoming unstable at speeds above the 32x rated disks. A limitation of the combo drive. For instance, if you stick a 48x cd-r in the drive you will notice that the drive spin up is more noisey, or unstable. The drive and machine will vibrate much more. I think the drive, or disk becomes unstable when trying to spin up the disk on the 48x rated speed cd-r. Therefore the auto detect part of the burner picks up an anomaly, and changing the burn setting to 4x only.

If anyone can get ANY 40x or higher disks to burn consistantly at 16x please let me know.

PowerBook G4, iBook: Combo Drive Does Not Write CD-R Media at Maximum Speed