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From Slashdoot - Microsoft's apparent abandonment of o-s-i IE

An interesting article from Slashdot...

[0]rocketjam writes "Web developers are [1]expressing frustration with

Microsoft's apparent abandonment of its 'operating-system-integrated' Internet Explorer web browser. An article on C-Net points up the efforts of the Web Standards Project as well as Adobe Systems to prompt Microsoft to fix long-standing Cascading Style Sheet bugs in IE as well as continuing to add other improvements which have virtually ceased since Microsoft won the browser war. While alternatives such as [2]the Mozilla Project and [3]the Opera browser still exist, their marketshare is miniscule." In a related story, an anonymous reader points out that the bugs aren't just in rendering, they're security holes as well: "iDefense and eEye have basically said that [4]Internet Explorer is full of holes and just surfing the Web using it is "unsafe". There's 31 un-patched holes in IE, but MS won't talk about it... It took them nearly a month to roll out a [5]new patch after [6]this one was found to be more or less useless."







Microsoft Technet MS09-040

Microsoft Technet MS03-032