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September 19, 2003

I've been getting a lot of these...

I've been getting a lot of these bogus Microsoft Update emails lately. I've received about five within the past month alone. These emails appear to be from Microsoft, which contain an infected update file. This one might fool the clueless user that isn't aware of how Microsoft Updates work.

ms091803.txt (2k file)

September 5, 2003

Latest MS mail scam to instull virii

Below you will find the latest email scam that looks like it's from microsoft, but it's forged to get you to install virii. Interesting...

ms.txt (5k file)

September 4, 2003

Latest email scam

Below is a link to the latest email scam that's going around. Please don't fall for this.

Dr.UbaJega.txt (4k file)