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August 26, 2003

A little article from slashdot.com

Vellmont writes "From the state that brought you the 2000 presidential

election debacle, now comes the proposal to tax your LAN. The Orlando

Business Journal is reporting that the the state of Florida is thinking

about [0]putting a 9% tax on LANs within the state. Exactly what they

will be taxing isn't clear, since the tax amounts to 9% of... something.

Will taxing the electrical wires within your home be next?"

read entire article

All I have to say to this is... OMG!

August 18, 2003


Updated Netkungfu.org news and added to the downloads section some analysis information on the new MBlaster worm. Please read it's very important. Also there is a new variation of this bad boy out, so make sure you update your virus defs. Do it now!

August 9, 2003

GoLive Errors

I have been getting these weird crashes while FTPing up to my sites with GoLive on my iBook. For some reason in the middle of uploading an HTML file it will crash the machine, and create this 0kb file in my directory on the web server. If you try to write over the file it will just crash the machine again. You have to delete the 0kb file in order to fix this issue. Weird...

August 6, 2003

An article from SANS NewsBites...


--Bill Would Require Permission to Install Spyware (29 July 2003)

Representative Mary Bono (R-Calif.) has introduced the Safeguard Against Privacy Invasions Act, which would require businesses to obtain explicit permission before installing spyware on people's computers. Spyware monitors people's Internet habits and gathers information on them; often, spyware disclosures are included in software licensing agreements, which many users do not read carefully. news.com article

August 3, 2003

iBook burning issues

It seems I am having issues with burning with my combo drive on my 800MHz G3 power book. For some odd reason I could not burn above 4x using non-brand-name cd-r's from Best Buy. I then popped in Imation cd-r's and now it's burning at 16x, like it's suppose to. Weird.

I've read if you reset your PRAM you will get the 16x burning back in the "data cds hybrid burning" setting. Do this by rebooting, then holding down "CMD-Option-PR", then wait for it to chyme 3 times.

For 'sleep issues and problems with firewire ports'... Reset your NVRAM... Restart the computer, then hold down "CMD-Option-OF". This will bring you to the Open Firmware prompt. Type "reset-nvram" hit enter... Then type "set-defaults" hit enter... then type "reset-all" hit enter. Reboot.

August 1, 2003

Potato Bazooka???!?!?

Laughing my ass off... Read this article...

Potato Bazooka