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July 29, 2003

submitted some art work at deviantart.com

I posted a few of my graphics I created on deviantart.com today. So far people are liking the "ahballsb.jpg". If you would like to see a smaller pics of it just go here. Click on "ahballsa". Yeah, don't laugh. When I can't figure out what to name something it usually picks up some funny name.

I'm getting some good positive feedback so far.

July 28, 2003

PF790, ViewSonic 19" Monitor

My monitor is acting up. It's been doing this funky resolution thing for the past couple of days. It's not keeping the resolution size right, and the coloring is all distorted. Too much magenta on my linux machine. And on my pc it's doing this resolution resizing thing going in and out really fast-like. Weird. It's making me sad. Turning it off and on makes it go away. It might be some symptomatic thing that is happening while on my powered switch.

July 24, 2003

obsessive online users

For the life of me I do not understand the obsessive nature of people online.

For instance, you can block someone from 'said' web page for going against your site AUS (acceptance of use policy), or the sites Rules & Protocols for access. They will then find a different dialup number, dialup provider, proxy server, or other means of accessing the site when you have explained to them (on MANY occasions) that they are banned from the site. That any access attempts will be considered "Anauthorized Access", and will be reported to the corresponding ISP(s). What's the purpose of obsessively trying to gain access to a site where you have gotten yourself removed from, because YOU can not follow the sites Rules & Protocols?!

Yet these users will circumvent their block, and pop back in to verbally accost other users for getting them banned from the site?! Blaming the other users for their banning, because of their own horrible behavior. And the fact that they can not follow simple Rules & Protocols for accessing the site?!


July 22, 2003

Voted Monitor - Beauty's Castle Chat

Well, it's been some time now. And our voted monitor seems to be doing quite well. I (admin) am quite surprised that our paying users actually voted for someone that seems to be level headed. If people actually had to vote for their policemen who would they pick? Someone even handed? Someone that does not play favorites? Someone that will be fair to all no matter their social standing?


July 19, 2003

RIAA on attack

Recording industry on attack... Subpoenas data on Net music sharers. See the below article!

Article provided by: Boston Globe Online Business...



July 16, 2003

TRON (the real-time operating system nucleus)

An open source university professor at Tokyo University writes freeware operating system over 20 years ago (1984), TRON (real-time operating system nucleus). This embedded operating system runs on microprocessors in electronic devices, which can be used on fax machines, cell phones, and even modified for use on personal computers.

TRON man shuns Gates-like fortune (CNN)

TRON the real-time operating system nucleus:

TRON news items for March 2001:

July 7, 2003


Recently, I read there was suppose to be some huge hacker challenge that was suppose to happen on July 6th. According to Computer World, and other big name news sites. The challenge was a page defacement challenge. Who could deface the most webpages in a 6 hour period. The winnings were free web hosting with 500 MB of space?! *laughing my ass off* I don't understand how anyone would consider this a worthy challenge, or consider it worthy of SERIOUS hacker's time. Why in the world would a serious hacker ever take such a challenge?! The handcuffs would be ready upon accepting your prize! In my opinion this alert was a waste of breathe. Noone had to worry about this more than they usually have to worry about this over the weekend as a System Administrator.