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May 27, 2003

Firewall Blocking...

Did some firewall blocking on gemini.netkungfu.org, and some blocking per htaccess due to the unbelievable amount of scanning & attempts at access to my personal web server. Most of these scans originated from my own cable provider. I have sent numerous complaints with no response from them, so now I have to resort to this. It's unfortunate. I have a total of 36 IPs blocked so far, and I'm getting new ones daily.

These stupid kiddies, all looking for Windows exploitable machines. Sorry, but I do not run Windows, or Windows NT if I want a secure web server. The one windows machine I do have is XP, it has two firewalls running on it, and it's running virus protection. Paranoid? Yes! Especially when it concerns Microsoft OS's. This machine is purely for gaming, and multimedia design. I don't even do email on this machine.

May 25, 2003

My Birthday

My Birthday was last Thursday (May 22nd). I had a fine day. Recieved a gift from long time friends, which I was not expecting. It was a nice surprise. My lovely "SO" bought me "Hitman 2" for the Xbox, which I've been wanting. I originally had it for the pc, but I had problems running the game. Received some Birthday cards in the mail from family members, along with a nice donation from each torwards a new laptop that I am saving up for.

I was given a G3 Wallstreet some time ago from my "SO", but it seems my laptop bag was dropped 3 feet from the parents jeep onto concrete. Let's just say the laptop is not happy, and will need more repairs if I intend to use it on the road. The expense to fix it is quite steep, so I have decided to just save up the money and get a new Ibook.

May 12, 2003

New Spam Going Around...

LOL... There is this new spam that is going around that I even received from the domain "www.windowsupdatenow.com". By the time I was able to go and check the domain on a secure machine (non windows) the site was dead. They were informing people through this email that they would keep receiving these reminders that their windows machine is infected. That they should go to the site and auto update their windows software. I laughed at this, as virus deffinitions (keeping them updated) have NOTHING to do with your Operating system software. I knew right away this was a scam!

Please people... Don't EVER fall for these scams! If you use windows ALWAYS use your autoupdate feature that is in your START menu for windows. Never use third party links or websites. Don't even go to the sites!!! Forward the emails to your service provider, and let them do the dirty work. It's what you pay them for.


May 5, 2003



Finished Admin work for Beauty's Castle today. Had a few users make a few mistakes, but that's the way it goes. We can't be perfect all the time. People make mistakes, if they didn't they wouldn't be human. Even me, I make mistakes, and I 'eat crow' each time that I do *chuckles*.