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January 8, 2003

Update... Compaq PIII Solaris 8 x86 system...

OK... I've made some headway...

I popped in an old ATI - All In Wonder Pro PCI card, and it recognizes the card and all is working fine. I am now reinstalling my OS at the moment. Should be an hour for the install, then I will be turning off services in inetd that I am not going to use. Then I will patch and update the system, and a few services. After which I will start my 'hardening' of the machine. Maybe I will write a little "Securing your Solaris 8 x86 system" paper. Who knows... ;-)

January 7, 2003

Addendum to (Posted by cdump @ 05:05 PM EDT)

OK.. I got Solaris 8 x86 running on this Compaq, but had to use basic video display drivers to get it running. Horrible. It's in this nasty grey scale/somewhat color at 600X800. The graphics chip in this machine, which is onboard is form the Intel i810/i815 chipset. They do not make drivers for this chipset. I searched through Compaq's site with no luck. I searched through 3rd party drivers, and I actually found one at http://xig.com/. They have a demo for these drivers, which are free, but the X server will terminate after 25 minutes. Not much use to me... And the full version of these drivers for one license is $119. A little too steep guys! Especially considering I can buy a video card that will be compatible for under that, and I probably have a video card that is compatible laying around here somewhere. Now off to search my old hardware to see if I can find a compatible video card... to be continued...

January 2, 2003

Beauty's Castle

Finally (after quite an effort) we have moved all of our domains onto a faster SPARC server to save on our monthly hosting bill(s). The chat is quite happy, and actually is serving up pages at a faster rate.