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December 13, 2002

Help... Need a job...

I am currently looking for a full-time / part-time job in ANY of the following positions, "System Administration", "PC Technician", or "Web Design". I will even do "Help Desk" work! In the state of Pennsylvania... More specific... King of Prussia, Willow Grove, or Horsham area. I can even work remotely! ;-)

December 10, 2002

My Blog Calendar

My blog calendar is not working correctly as you can see. I've double checked the coding for it, and it looks fine. I even rebuilt all the pages, and ran diagnose & repair. Everything came out fine. So, I then had a friend take a look at the code, and she found that there was a slight issue with the date format. It's fixed!


I've wondered why people give me karma raitings for my blogs, but yet they don't comment.

*does a hand stand, and holds it*

Updating My Work Machine

Got a used Compaq DeskPro, Pentium III, 13GB hard drive, with 128MB RAM from my Mom when I was out for Thanksgiving. I am trying to update it to run Solaris8 x86. I am looking forward to getting a faster machine then what I am running now (233MMX, 90'someoddMB' RAM, running SuSE linux). But I am not looking forward to all the work in configuring the new machine, and to make sure everything is compatible before I waste my time. I also have to check into what I can use for Mail instead of Kmail.