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November 29, 2002

Thanksgiving At Moms...

Went to my Mom's for Thanksgiving this year... It was a good visit... Turkey dinner was good. Wound up having to fix a slew of problems with my Mom's computer, and my Brothers old 233MMX dinosaur.

My Brother's computer had hardware issues after I updated him from Win98 to Win98SE with all the latest security patches. His CDROM stopped working! Wound up opening his tower to take a look at the way the previous technicians setup his hardrive, and CDROM. Couldn't believe my eyes... They stuck the CDROM in slave position in the ribbon cable, but didn't set the jumper, nor did they include a jumper. So, the CDROM and the hard drive were conflicting fighting for MASTER rights on the ribbon cable. *shakes head* Stuck in a jumper on the CDROM to mark slave position. Now the CDROM & hard drive are working correctly. Then... I had to install antivirus software, and firewall on the machine, because it was not behind a router(NAT) setup. Configured the firewall to allow Network Sharing, so that he and my Mother could share files.

My mother had a slew of problems with her newer 1GHz HP machine...

The first... was with her firewall. She mistakingly blocked all inbound & outbound connections to her computer when she tried to block an email address of my Uncle's. He wound up getting infected with a worm, and it was sending infected attachments to everyone in his outlook email address book. I explained to my Mom that one can not block email addresses with the firewall version she was running. *smiles* One can only block by IP or MAC address.

The second... was that the infected email attachments she was getting from my Uncle were not allowing her to download her email. I could not remember the address for a webmail interface that would allow her to login to delete the infected email attachments. And her ISP (Road Runner) did not have a webmail interface to allow users to maintain their own accounts. This is a "bonehead" thing Road Runner is doing now. See instead of virus scanning the email and deleting the infected email. Like ANY worthy ISP would DO! They were just passing it on to 'said client'. <-- BAD IDEA!!! And if an ISP does this they should give you a web interface to manage infected messages allowing you to delete them. What Road Runner is doing is sending their clients to some other free webmail interface outside of their site and services to do this. Another BAD IDEA!!! It is stupid to send a client to an outside source to manage their email. At least now my Mom knows that if she gets an infected message she will have to go to an outside webmail interface to delete her infected messages.

The third... My Mom is not very computer savvy when it comes to computer security. She neglected to make sure her Windows OS version was updated and patched for security holes through Windows Update. Now she is all patched and running.

Now my Mother and Brother can share files....

Also, made a CD for my Uncle that included a Firewall and Antivirus software. He installed it, and I believe he is up and running in a clean environment now.


November 11, 2002


I updated the graphics for Netkungfu.org tonight. It is MUCH more visually appealing, IMHO. I recently came into possession of a hand-me-down 19" Professional Monitor (for Graphic Designers). It has an 18" viewable area, which was SLIGHTLY overwhelming for the first few days. BIG! Anyway, it is actually the whole reason for the update to this site. I saw how bad it looked... Well it looked bad to me... And I had to update it... I will add "newer" news within the next couple of days.

November 1, 2002

No Trick-or-Treaters...

We got our pumkins done this year, and they came out quite well. For the first time in 6 years we haven't had a single trick-or-treater. We were expecting an influx of kids in their cute costumes, but NOTHING. Strange... we even have children that live in our complex.

Now what are we going to do with all this candy. Anyone have any ideas, other than eating it?