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October 15, 2002

Cornish Game Hen...

Had cornish game hen tonight for dinner. It's good. There is no difference between it and chicken. At least I couldn't tell by the taste of it. *shrugs*

My day was good. Did my admin work for the day, but I still have to send out reminders for next month. Guess I will do that tomorrow.

Thinking about joining an online game of "Castle Wolfenstein". The graphics for this game are great, and the action is good. I like it better than the quake, and unreal games. I do however love the roll playing games. I could play them for hours, if I had the time.

Finished reading "Red Dragon" by Thomas Harris over my vacation at Block Island. Good book! I actually have on DVD the old movie that was made from the book, called "Manhunter". They left out a lot from the book concerning "Francis Dolarhyde" (The Killer). I am interested to see if the newer movie (Red Dragon) is closer to the book than the last movie (Manhunter). I keep seeing adverts for it, and it's driving me crazy. I want to see it!

Welcome.. or Go Away!?


My name is Kayetie, and I am an Administrator for Beauty's Castle Chat. I enjoy working as the Castle administrator, and I am a proficient administrator . You can find the link for Beauty's Castle in my links list in the side bar. I also work as an System Administrator, Hardware Technician, and Web Desinger for Sleeping Beauty Publications Ltd. Yes, I wear many hats at SBP Ltd. It is a small business, and this is the reason why my position 'ranges' in so many areas.

If you pop into Beauty's Castle to check it out my handles are posted below for your reference. I have other member & non-member handles that I use, but I will not divulge those. I do like to have some privacy without being bothered by complaints and such.




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